P7 - Bonnyrigg Primary School

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Transcript P7 - Bonnyrigg Primary School

Curriculum Evening
Year Plan
Curricular Areas
“Curriculum for Excellence aims to achieve a
transformation in education in Scotland by
providing a coherent, more flexible and
enriched curriculum from 3 to 18.”
– Education Scotland (2014)
Cover a range of outcomes over the year
ensuring breadth, depth and progression in line
with the seven principles of Curriculum for
Ensures coverage for all learners.
Reading – Literature Circles, Comprehension
Spelling – SWST
Writing – Functional, Imaginative and Personal
Handwriting - Berol Cursive Script
4 Numeracy Lessons and 1 Maths Lesson per
Setting across P7 – Groups and rotations.
The topics we will focus on in Health this session
 Rights Respecting Schools (Term 1)
 Healthy Respect (Terms 1 and 2)
 Keeping Myself Safe (Term 3)
 Cool in School (Term 3)
 Drug and Alcohol Awareness (Term 4)
 Transition (ongoing)
The projects this session are:
 Term 1 – The Structure of the Earth and Natural Disasters
 Term 2 – World War Two
 Term 3 – Parvana’s Journey (Transition Novel Study)
 Term 4 – Enterprise Topic
The focus of each project will ensure that a balance of skills is
taught within Science, Social Subjects and Technology using
the experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence.
The topics studied will enable children to use their skills
developed in other areas of the curriculum.
- PE on a Monday and Wednesday with Mr
Dewar and Miss Watt
- Art on a Thursday with Miss Goodwin
Please ensure all belongings are labelled. This
includes jumpers, gym kits and gym rubbers.
Money for School Dinners should always be
sent in a labelled envelope.
Any tuck shop money should come in a labelled
Water bottles are to be filled with water only.
All children are expected to wear a jacket to
school in the winter months.
Earrings should be taken out or taped up for
Gym kits are kept in school from Monday to
We actively encourage school uniform and
would appreciate your support with this.
We actively promote positive behaviour and set high
expectations for all children throughout the school.
This year we are reviewing our behaviour procedures.
The positive approach benefits all learners and we
constantly encourage good manners, politeness and a
good attitude.
“Warning” and “Consequence” cards.
School Website – www.mgfl.net/bonnyriggps
Parent Zone - http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/parentzone/
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