Chapter 11-2 Water Use and Management

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Transcript Chapter 11-2 Water Use and Management

Chapter 11-2
Water Use and Management
Global Water Use
• More than one billion people lack access to
a clean, reliable source of water
• What is currently happening to the World’s
• Irrigation is the major use of water
• Use varies by region
Residential Water Use
• US about 300 Liters or 80 gallons per day
• Contrast that with India only about 41 liters
or about 10 gallons per day for each person
• In US about half for use inside the home.
Water Use
• 19 % of water use in the world
• Most industrial water is used to cool power
• It takes a lot of water to make things
– 1000 L to make 1 Kg of aluminum
– 500,000 L to make a car!
Agricultural Water Use
67% of world water use
Ex: 300 L of water to produce one
ear of corn
Types of Irrigation
• Flood
• Furrow
• Overhead
• Drip
Water Management Projects
• Water Diversion
• Example Owens River -
• Dams and Reservoirs
• Used for water
storage, diversion ,
hydroelectric power,
flood control
• Examples: Friant
Water Conservation
• Most Ag water is lost to evaporation and
• Can be reduced by using drip irrigation and
high technology monitoring.
• In industry – water can be recycled instead
of just putting it into a river or the ocean
Conservation at Home
• Low Flow Toilets and shower heads
• Water meters
• Xeroscaping
Solutions for the Future
• Desalination – requires lots of energy
• Transporting water – requires lots of energy