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One Drop at a Time
Make water conservation an
everyday routine.
• Install water-saving
• Take shorter showers.
• Turn off the water while
brushing your teeth.
Biggest indoor water use
• Repair plumbing
leaks promptly.
• Displace water in
tanks of older
• Don’t flush trash –
toss it in the
Don’t leave faucets running.
Run dishwashers and
clothes washers
only when full.
The most wasteful
water habit we have
in cities is often
watering our lawns.
Lawn Care Tips
• Water in the early morning.
• Water infrequently and deeply.
• Use drip irrigation or soaker hoses.
• Collect rainwater to use on gardens.
• Landscape with native plants.
• Switch to electric or push mowers.
• Leave grass clippings in place.
Don’t Waste Tap Water
through Evaporation
• Don’t water on windy days.
• Don’t water using a fine mist sprinkler.
• Don’t water when water is in short supply.
• Don’t water during the heat of the day.
Used motor oil from a single oil
change can contaminate a
million gallons of water...
- enough to supply 50 people for
one year!
Use biodegradable products for house
and lawn care.
NEVER dispose of cleaners or pesticides
in a toilet, sink or storm drain.
If all Texas cities conserved
water we could save …
1,047,885 - acre-feet per year
326,000 - gal. per acre foot
Yes, that’s
341 billion gallons per year!
Irrigation - The Biggest User
New technologies
promise significant
water savings but
are still costly for
many farmers.
By 2040, city and
industry water
demands will surpass
* Texas Water Development Board
Industry and manufacturing
consume10% of our available
Improved processes could make them more
water efficient.
We can significantly reduce the
need for more reservoirs if we ALL
save water NOW!
Use water wisely –
Even one drop at a time
makes a difference.