BEFC-STL Operations

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Sam Butler, CFII
• General/Background Info
Work in Phantom Works Ops Analysis
Flying for 11 years
Love to fly for fun and for transportation
Have flown in many parts of the country from Maine to Hawaii, in
the NYC Hudson River Corridor and the DC ADIZ
Active in the club since the first meeting, wrote some of the
Instructing in the club since the night the first airplane arrived
Part owner of a Beech A36 Bonanza
Commercial Pilot: Complex, High-Performance & Tailwheel; Flight
Instructor: Airplane & Instrument; Ground Instructor: Advanced &
Active member of the Greater St Louis Flight Instructors
Association and the National Association of Flight Instructors
• Scheduling Info
– Fly in the evenings, all day Saturday and on Sunday afternoons
• Contact Info
– [email protected]
– 573-289-2054
Updated: 22 JUL 2010