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Mrs. Meisten Overview of Middle School The Registration Process 6 th Grade Teachers Welcome to Middle School Expectations Related Arts Teachers

Middle School Team Concept

The middle school team concept was developed as a way to ensure that students needs are being met. 6 th grade teachers share common planning time. They meet to discuss curriculum, coordinate due dates of projects, tests and quizzes and discuss student concerns or issues.

Parent conferences are usually held with the 6 th grade team of teachers to ensure consistency


 School day is 8:00-2:45.

 Students should arrive by 7:45 to have time at their lockers. If students arrive before 7:45 they will hold in the gym.

 Students may still eat breakfast in the cafeteria  Students not seated in their first period class by the 8:00 bell will be marked tardy.

 Students have 3-5 minutes to travel between classes.  Students have set times for locker breaks throughout the day.


 The day is broken into 7 class periods. Each class lasts 50 minutes.  Attendance is taken in every class.

 4 class periods of core academics - Science, Social Studies, Math, and English.  2 class periods of related arts - these classes will switch after the first semester (first half of the year). Band and Strings classes meet for the whole year.

 1 class period of Project Time.


This class was created as a way to help 6 students make a successful transition to middle school. th grade During this class, students work on organization skills, strategies for studying, complete enrichment activities, hear from guest speakers, and receive additional help from the core academic teachers. All teachers have project time at the same time of the day so that students can be flexibly grouped .


Planners Record Homework Maintain School- Home Communication Hall Pass Moodle Students will enroll in each teacher’s class Check Moodle on a daily basis Email Send us updates when contact information changes

Dress Code

-Skirts and shorts should be no shorter than 3-4 inches above the student’s knee -Skirts must still be the appropriate length even when worn over leggings -No spaghetti straps, halter tops or strapless shirts -Tank shirts must be at least 3 finger widths -No holes in jeans above the knee -No athletic shorts for boys -Shorts in PE must still be an appropriate length

Behavior Expectations

Students are not allowed to carry backpacks in middle school. They must be stored in their lockers. Cell phone policy is enforced based on Greenville County School guidelines. Students may not have their cell phones out or turned on from the time they enter the building until they are picked up in car rider line. 1 st offense- Phone is returned to parent 2 nd offense- Phone will be confiscated for 30 days 3 rd offense- Phone will be confiscated for 60 days 4 th offense- Phone will be confiscated for the remainder of the year



Grade Orientation For Students

Roll-Up Day In the spring we will have a roll-up day for the 6 th grade students. They will meet with the 6 th grade teachers to learn about lockers, changing classes, PE, behavior expectations, dress code and all the fun events to come in middle school

Progression of Academic Classes

Science Social Studies Math ELA 6 th Science 6 7 th Science 7 Social Studies 6 Social Studies 7 Math 6/7/8 English GT 6 Math 7/8 C.CAlgebra 1H English GT 7 8th Science 8 SC/US History C.C Algebra 1H C.C Geometry H C.C English 1H Spanish Spanish 6: Language & Culture- Optional Spanish 1CP Spanish CP

High School Credits

Classes that earn high school credit (7 th and 8 th Grade) → C.C. Algebra 1 Honors → Spanish 1 College Prep → C.C English 1 Honors → C.C. Geometry Honors → Spanish 2 College Prep → Desktop Publishing 1 Credit

High School Transition

We will begin talking with parents in 7 th your options for high school.

grade about

7 th Grade:

Parents are invited to a high school fair held at Sterling. You will have an opportunity to speak with representatives from all Greenville County High Schools.

8 th Grade:

Parents and students are invited to High School Fair. Students will tour high schools. Mrs. Noble, Guidance Counselor, will meet with every 8 th grade parent and student to register for high school and complete Individualized Graduation Plans


Registration Form

Check name and address and note any changes. If your phone number or email has changed, please include that information.

Core Academic Classes are listed on the bottom. All students take the same core classes Related Arts choices are listed on the back

Related Arts

Sit down with your child and discuss the related arts classes they are most interested in and then rank the classes from 1-4 with 1 being your first choice. If you would like to be in band or strings mark that as your first choice. Every child takes a semester of PE/Health.

Life Fitness is another physical education class that can be taken in addition to PE but will not fulfill the PE/Health requirement.

How Students Are Assigned to Related Arts Classes

We always try to honor at least one of the top 2 choices. THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE TO BEING THE FIRST PERSON TO RETURN THE FORM.

Since Band and Strings are year long classes, students will be assigned to this class first, which may limit their other choices.

How Registration Works

Return the completed registration form to the main office by February 28 th .

On March 6 th Mrs. Noble will bring students to the computer lab to register for classes online. Once your child has registered at school, you will be able to log into the parent portal from home and view/ modify the related arts selections. The only classes you will see online are related arts. Parents can view registration online on March 6 th & March 7 th .