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Ephesians 4:22-24
were taught, with regard
to your former way of life, to
put off your old self, which is
being corrupted by its deceitful
23to be made new in the
attitude of your minds;
24and to put on the new self,
created to be like God in true
righteousness and holiness.
Efesios 4:22-24
respecto a la vida que
antes llevaban, se les enseñó
que debían quitarse el ropaje
de la vieja naturaleza, la cual
está corrompida por los
deseos engañosos;
23ser renovados en la actitud
de su mente;
24y ponerse el ropaje de la
nueva naturaleza, creada a
imagen de Dios, en verdadera
justicia y santidad.
Living Sacrifices
Romans 12:1-21
Worship God Spiritually (vv 1-2)
A. In View of God’s Mercy
B. Do Not Conform to This World
C. Renew Your Mind
II Use Your Spiritual Gifts to Serve Others (vv 3-8)
A. Think of Yourself with Sober Judgment
B. We Are Members of Christ’s Body
C. Each Member Has a Gift
III Live At Peace With Everyone (vv 9-21)
A. Love Must Be Sincere
B. Bless Other People
C. Overcome Evil with Good