U3 E2: The subjunctive for disagreement and denial (pg 212)

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Transcript U3 E2: The subjunctive for disagreement and denial (pg 212)

U3 E2: The subjunctive for
disagreement and denial (pg 212)
• Another way to use the subjunctive forms you
have learned is to express doubt or
disagreement. These subjunctive triggers of
doubt, denial, and disagreement should be
familiar to you:
Dudar que ____to doubt that___
Es imposible que__it’s impossible that______
Es improbable que_it’s improbable/unlikely that____
No creer que_____To not think / believe that (WAY more
popular) _____
• No pensar (e-ie) que__To not think that_____
• No es cierto que___It’s not true that_____
• No es seguro que___It’s not certain /sure that _
• No es verdad que_It’s not true that___
• No estar seguro (de) que___To not be sure that ___
• No opinar que___To not be of the opinion that / to not
think that _____
*(note: when you remove the “No” from the phrases that
begin with “no,” is the following verb still subjunctive?
• -Tenemos una fiesta hoy. ¿Sabes si Mama invitó
a Laura?(We have a party today. Do you know if
Mom invited Laura?)
• -Yo creo que si, pero es improbable que venga.
Esta enferma hoy y no estuvo en la clase.
• (I think she did, but it’s unlikely that she (will)
come. She’s sick today and wasn’t in class.
Try these!
1. I don’t think that John is intelligent.
2. My mom doesn’t believe that I do my homework.
3. We doubt that the shark (will) win the contest.
4. What a good-looking couple! It’s not true that he is
I think this house is clean. It’s unlikely that firecrackers
will improve this room.
6.I’m sorry, but we doubt that the best roast suckling pig in
the world (will) improve this party.
7.What a marvelous orchestra! It’s not true that they sound
(sonar, stem!) like cats.
8.Well, it’s unlikely that this wedding (will) continue until the
early morning. What a mess.