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U.S. History- The Gilded Age
• Take out a blank sheet of paper and write
your first and last name on top.
• Clear your desk except for your sheet of
• Sit quietly until I give you the next direction.
Bell Work
• Title the first section of your paper
“Bell Work”.
• Write down 2-3 facts you heard
while listening to the clip.
• You have 2 minutes.
Key Words
• Title the next section of your paper “Key
• I’m going to read an article to you.
• While I’m reading, you need to identify and
write down key words that are important to
the main idea of the article.
– Don’t worry – there is not a “correct”
answer! Your answers don’t have to match
anyone else’s.
Key Words:
What did you find?
Main Idea
• Title the next section of your paper
“Main Idea”.
• Take the next 3-5 minutes to write 2
sentences that identify the main
idea/main point of the article.
Main Idea- Partner Sharing
• Title the next section of your paper
“Main Idea-Partner Sharing”
• With a partner, share your main ideas
and construct ONE main idea that you
both agree on.
–Yes, you both need to write it down.
–Your ONE main idea should be 2-3
–You have 5 minutes
Key Word Analysis
• Once you complete your
main idea statements,
draw this diagram
twice on the back of
your paper.
– Make sure you leave
at least 6 lines of
space at the bottom
of the front or the
back of your paper.
Key Word Analysis
• Move back to your original seat.
• Choose 2 of the key words you
identified earlier to complete these
diagrams ON YOUR OWN!
• You have 8 minutes.
Exit Ticket
• At the bottom of your paper (where you
left space), title a new section “Exit
• Write a paragraph explaining the main
idea of the article.
• Your paragraph must be 4-5 sentences.
• Your paragraph must include the 2 key
words you chose for your key word