AP Stats Final Project

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Transcript AP Stats Final Project

AP Stats Final Project
Cover Sheet
Project Title
Teacher’s Name
• All on same page, in this order, with headings
• Abstract
– Approx 2 sentences stating the general idea of the experiment
• Importance and Purpose of Study
– 2 paragraphs
• 1st paragraph is who would benefit from the conclusions of this
experiment and why
• 2nd paragraph is why you chose the topic and your interest in it
• Assumptions
– This is a list of the assumptions are you making about the
subjects, data or methods of your experiment
• Hypothesis
– This is the same hypothesis you will need for your significance
test but it should include what it means in context
Review of Literature
• Minimum two paragraphs each
• 1st paragraph is a summary of the article
• 2nd paragraph is how the article relates to your
experiment. What information did you learn
from the article that will help you with your
Methodology/Data Collection
• Participants and Settings
– A couple sentences about who was involved in
your experiment and where it took place.
• Materials
– What materials were needed for this experiment?
What would someone need to recreate it?
• Procedure
– This is a step by step of what you did to carry out
your experiment
• This is where you write up your significance
test with the steps we did in class (conclusion
is in next section)
• Make at least 2 graphs to represent your data
• Discuss any problems or difficulties you
encountered. What would you change if you
were to do it over again?
• This is your conclusion in context. It should be
longer than the 3 sentences we did in class
because you know a lot more of the
background information about it. This is a
paragraph about your findings
• This is APA style
• Your articles and any other resources you used
should be included
• Include
– a blank copy of your survey or other materials
– an example or two of a filled in survey
– any raw data you collected
• This would be if you had a sheet with tally marks, etc.
– any other samples that you used that would help
someone to understand or recreate your