Lifting, Moving, & Storing Boats - Sea-Lift

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Transcript Lifting, Moving, & Storing Boats - Sea-Lift

Lifting, Moving, & Storing Boats
Factors to consider when choosing
Northwest Marina Conference
October 31st 2007
Presented by: Wade Koning, Darryl Krause, and Howard Bean
• What percentage of your yard’s Gross Profits
are realized from boat lifting and storage fees?
• Does updating equipment with a substantial
capital expenditure justify the cost?
• Which system will best enable Gross Profits to
be increased and ROI time reduced?
How can existing yard space be maximized?
• “Footprint” of the transportation unit affects
space usability.
Storage - Blocking
• Is your operation adhering to industry
• ABYC Standards: TY – 28 Boat Lifting and
Storage has published guidelines.
• Transportation equipment should allow
blocking to adequately support the weight of
the boat.
• Maneuverability
• Speed
• Distance
• Safety
Moving Boats
• Is speed a concern? For example, will
reducing haul out times result in increased
• Will transferring between transportation
methods (sling lift to transporter trailer)
reduce efficiency and increase safety
• Are storm considerations a factor?
Opportunity for additional revenues.
Moving - Safety
• New technologies such as “Air Bunks” provide
continuous support while contouring the
shape of the boat’s hull.
Air Bunks
• Which type of lift system best fits your needs?
– Finger pier and sling lift
– Ramp and trailer
– Crane or forklift (with negative lift)
• Costs and environmental concerns associated with
construction or retrofit
Available Systems on the Market
• Self Propelled Trailer
– KMI Sea-Lift, Con-o-Lift, Brownell, Hostar
• Fork Lift
– Wiggins, Hoist, Taylor
• Sling Lift
– Marine Travelift, Wise, Ascom
Which solutions leave gaps, which is best overall