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Working Groups Meeting
in Malta on January 29, 2012
“Building Triple Helix Multi-Media
Clusters and increasing cooperation
between the partner regions through
future projects or other mutual
supports to the sector”
Italian Institute of Technology
Fields of Best Practice
 Robotics:
- Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
- Advanced Robotics
 Life sciences:
- Neuroscience and Brain Technologies,
- Drug Discovery and Development
 Nanochemistry, Nanophysics and
 Pattern Analysis and Computer Vision
 iCub Facility
Core aims and objectives
The Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)
began his scientific activity at the end of
2005, with the mission to develop frontier
research in areas that are strategic for
both the industrial development of the
country and for the international
scientific community.
Detailed description
IIT is located in Genoa and has a network of 10 national centres
created in collaboration with leading scientific and academic
institutions in the country (in Turin, Milan, Trento, Parma, Rome,
Pisa, Naples, Lecce), which together with the Headquarter of
Genoa, develop the Scientific Plan 2012-2014.
IIT develops its research activities with a strategic attention to
many disciplines also with use of the audiovisual technologies:
• Robotics
• Neuroscience
• Drug Discovery Development And Diagnostic
• Environment Health and Safety
• Portable Energy
• Smart Materials
• Computing
Significant operational details
The strategic objective of the activity of the IIT
and important indicator of success is
technology transfer.
In order to obtain this objective is necessary to:
• Understand the needs of Italian Industrial
System by developing a network of opinion
leaders, companies, public and private research
centres and shareholders.
Other activities are :
• Definition of Business Plan, start up activities
• Collaboration facilitation, capacity building...
Governmental funds 100.000.000
UE funds 1.892.738
Other funds 967.887
New technologies
virtual environment
new media art
3D complex systems
computer vision
capture motion
pattern recognition
Augmented Reality
image processing
Innovative elements
• Network of Laboratories of Excellence financed by
• Understanding the needs of the companies and
opening joint laboratories with them
• Transfer of knowledge to the Italian entrepreneurs
• Proposing educational opportunity by organising
Courses like Master on Technology Transfer,
Entrepreneurship and High Tech Innovation in
collaboration with the University of Genoa,
Confindustria Genova, Val Bormida Technological
Park, Genova High Tech and other companies
Erzelli Scientific and Technological Park
Erzelli/Progetto Leonardo - It represents the most innovative
technology pole in Italy. It will be devoted to research, training
activities and new enterprises which will contribute to change
our city reinforcing its role in the national economy. In a huge
open space with areas for sport and entertainment, a
new Scientific Technological Park will be established: a
modern and functional technological town hosting the
Engineering University, offices, workshops, research centres,
a new residential area, services, cultural and sport activities.
Evidence of success
• International staff: circa 1200 employees from 38
countries, 41% of the researchers came from abroad
• Young staff: Average age of the employees 34 years,
Doctoral students in training are about 300
• 3000 publications
• 151 patents
• 10 start up projects
• According to SIR World Report 2012 on research
performance, IIT is placed in a high position
• Many EU projects funded
Transferable elements
• Networking
• Max Planck model
• Talent attraction
• Transfer Technology model
Contact details
Via Morego, 30
16163 Genova, Italy.
Tel: +39 010 71781
Thank you for your attention
Emilia Marieta Saglia: [email protected]
Fabio Tenore: [email protected]