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Wholesome Education
creates the
Who is Who List
Development of a
leads to Leadership
Santa:sustainable Leadership
USA versus USSR (Chernobyl)
Why strive to be a leader?
 1)Money
 2)Status
 3)Abilty to Influence the world
 4)Power
 5)Make a difference
Narayana Murthy and Nandan
Nilekani: Not just Money Men!
 Narayana Murthy
 Nandan Nilekeni
Status and Power
Influence Galore with or
without Offical Power
Stephen Hawking
 Abdul Kalaam
Power flows from Educated
Minds and not just the
barrel of a gun
 Barack Obama
 Manmohan Singh
They keep Making A Difference
 Bill Gates
 Steve Jobs
Bill Gates
What does leadership entail
 Original Thinking
 Analytical ability
 Quick Decision Making
 Ethical Behavior and Moral
 Work Ethic
Original Thinking
 Edison
Wright Brothers
Analytical Ability
Vishwanath Anand
 Koneru Humpi
Decisive Leaders
 Dhoni
 Churchill
 Mandela
Work Ethic: Anil Kumble and any
Everyday Mother
Why Study Science?
 Why IIT?
 With the help of B. C. Roy ,
the Sarkar Committee
recommended the
establishment of Higher
Technical Institutions in
various parts of the country
along the lines of the
Massachusetts Institute of
Here in the place of that Hijli Detention
Camp stands the fine monument of India,
representing India's urges, India's future
in the making.
 The name "Indian Institute
of Technology" was adopted
on 18 August 1951 by
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.
On 15 September 1956, the
Parliament of India passed
the Indian Institute of
Technology (Kharagpur)
Why go through the
grind of IIT JEE?
All the above aspects
of leadership are
“Looks aren’t everything.
It’s what’s inside you that
really matters. A biology
teacher told me that.”
An entering student to an
IIT is better trained to
become a great engineer
than a freshman at the
world famous MIT – New
Jungle Saying
What other options?
 SAT for US studies
Other national
 The JEE is the entrance exam for B-Tech
programmes into the 15 IITs including the
old 5 + IIT Roorkee, Guwahati and the 8 new
ones started in the last three years including
the one at Hyderabad.
 The AIEEE is for the National Institutes of
Technolgies (old RECs) and other colleges
like LNMittal, etc.
 BITSAT is the test for the BITS campuses at
Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad.
 Art is not opposed to Science. Da Vinci is not
the only example.
Escher is not the only modern example.
Learning Physics can help you with
economics and other quantitative socila
Learning calculus helps you clear CA exams.
Calculus helps with your MBA program.
Next best
Innovative programs
Probability of a great
future lower but still
Thank You for Visiting
 Hope the food for thought was
sumptuous and the thirst for
knowledge was kindled!