Chapter 4 Understanding Stress

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Transcript Chapter 4 Understanding Stress

Chapter 4 Understanding Stress

LT: I can name at least 3 causes of stress

Chapter 4 Lesson 1

Causes of stress

LIFE SITUATIONS (any two): Problems with friends Peer pressure Family problems Moving or changing schools Breaking up with girlfriend/boyfriend Bullying Abuse

Chapter 4 Lesson 1

Causes of stress

ENVIRONMENTAL STRESSORS (any two): Media Natural disasters Threat of terrorist attacks War Global warning

Chapter 4 Lesson 1

Causes of stress

BIOLOGICAL STRESSORS (any two): Illness Injury Disability

Chapter 4 Lesson 1

Causes of stress

COGNITIVE STRESSORS: Personal Appearance Not fitting in

Chapter 4 Lesson 1

Causes of stress

PERSONAL BEHAVIORAL ISSUES (any two): Relationship issues Smoking Using alcohol or other drugs

Chapter 4 Lesson 1

Stress Response

Stage 1: Alarm 1. Hypothalamus 2. Adrenal glands 3. Adrenaline Stage 2: Resistance Stage 3: Fatigue Effects of Prolonged Stress (any two): High blood pressure, skin disorders, digestive disorders

Chapter 4 Lesson 2

How to manage stress

• • •

Handle stress and reduce it’s effects

Practice relaxation techniques Redirect your energy Seek support • • • •

Avoid or limit stress

Use refusal skills Plan ahead Think positively Avoid tobacco, alcohol and other drugs • • •

Stay healthy and build resiliency

Get adequate rest Get regular physical activity Eat nutritious foods

Chapter 4 Lesson 3

The Grieving Process (need to know for assessment) 1. Denial or numbness

Inability to believe that loss has occurred

2. Emotional Releases

Recognition of an reaction to loss

3. Anger

Using anger in reaction to a feeling of powerlessness or unfair deprivation

4. Bargaining

Promising to change if what was lost can be returned

5. Depression

Chapter 4 Lesson 3 Feelings of isolation, alienation, and hopelessness

6. Remorse

Preoccupation with what might have been done to prevent the loss to make things better

7. Acceptance

Facing reality of loss constructively

8. Hope

Beginning to look ahead to the future

Vocabulary Practice

How does a person show grief?


Vocabulary Practice

1. Affect 2. Anticipate 3. Restrict 4. Impact 5. Perception 6. Process 7. Isolation

Self Assess

(and to see if how well you follow directions) • Full Effort/completion Put a LARGE STAR by your name • Effort/mostly completed Draw a HAPPY FACE by your name • Little or no effort/not completed Write I’M SORRY, I WILL TRY HARDER