The Indian Subcontinent Achieves Freedom

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Transcript The Indian Subcontinent Achieves Freedom

The Indian
Subcontinent Achieves
A Game
The Rules
O Each group will have 1 person who has their
outline out & 1 person who has a book.
O 3 points = answer with only memory
O 2 points = answer with outline
O 1 point = answer with book
O Cheating will result in a loss of turn & a 3 point
O Each group will be given 30 seconds to answer
O If they are stuck, the question bounces until a
group can answer it
O 1. Imperialism –
O Control over another country. This can take
different forms such as economic or political.
O 2. Colonialism –
O Having and maintaining colonies outside of
your own country.
O 3. Approximately how long was Britain a ruling
force in India?
O 2 centuries
O 4. What happened during WWII that further
inflamed Indians?
O GB committed Indian soldiers
O 5. Who was the leader of the Muslim League?
O Muhammad Ali Jinnah
O 6. What were the 2 political parties in India?
O Muslim League & Congress Party (Indian Nat.
New Country
O 7. The Partition formed another country. What
O Pakistan
O 8. How was that country different than it is now?
O There was East & West Pakistan
O 9. How did WWII push GB toward granting India
O War debts and continued rebellions
O 10. Approximately how many people died in the
summer of 1947?
O 1 million
O 11. Which religious group headed to Pakistan?
O Muslims
O 12. Which religion aligned itself with Hindus?
O Sikhs
O 13. Who killed Gandhi in 1948?
O A Hindu extremist
O 14. In what way was the assassination of Gandhi
O He was peaceful, yet killed in a violent way. And,
killed by his own religion’s extremist.
O 15. Over what region did the UN call a
cease-fire in 1949?
O Kashmir
O 16. What significant “title” did India achieve
in 1947?
O The largest democracy in the world
O 17. What causes continual fighting over
Kashmir to this day?
O Religion, borders, & water
O 18. Who became India’s first Prime Minister in 1947?
O Jawaharlal Nehru
O 19. What important figure had Nehru followed and
O Gandhi
O 20. How did Nehru attempt to organize the states?
O By Language
O 21. Who became the next Prime Minister when Nehru
died in 1964?
O His daughter, Indira Gandhi
More Leadership
O 22. What religious group caused much trouble
for Indira Gandhi?
O Sikhs
O 23. What conflict caused her to be
O Over the Golden Temple at Amritsar
O 24. Who became the next Prime Minister?
O Her son, Rajiv Gandhi
O 25. What happened to him?
O He was assassinated by political rivals in 1991
Looking Ahead
O 26. What do both India and Pakistan have that
causes other countries to worry?
O Nuclear Warheads
O 27. What is expected to happen to India’s population
by 2035?
O That it will surpass China
O 28. Why were east and west Pakistan so unstable
and divided?
O They are 1000 miles apart
O 29. What country was formed from East Pakistan in
O Bangladesh
More Independence
O 30. How many people died in the conflict between
Pakistan and Bangladesh?
O About 1 million
O 31. What struggles has Bangladesh faced in the
decades since its independence?
O Political corruption, floods, economy
O 32. What major problem still haunts Bangladesh?
O Extreme poverty
O 33. What other island nation gained its
O Sri Lanka
Island Country
O 34. What did Sri Lanka used to be called?
O Ceylon
O 35. What ethnic group lives in Sri Lanka?
O Tamils
O 36. What do the Tamils continue to fight for
to this day?
O Their own nation
Thinking Deeper
O 37. What struggles have all of these newly
independent nations shared?
O Economic & political instability
O 38. What factors are out of human control
that have also caused problems for these
O Harsh climates, floods, droughts
O 39. How does the study of religion help us
see problems in these countries?