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Training for Teachers
[email protected]
You will receive an invitation to the TeachPoint system. This email will
contain your account information needed to sign into TeachPoint.
[Please remember and record this information for reference and future use]
Clicking on the link in the email will take you to the following “Edit
Account” screen, where you can set your password and click the
Save button. (Don’t forget your password is case sensitive)
After clicking Save, you will be brought to the following “Home”
When you want to return to TeachPoint, go to
www.goteachpoint.com and click on the Sign In button in the top
right corner.
The following “Sign In” screen will appear. Please enter your
District name, Login name, and Password.
To start… click on the New Form button and the following
window will appear with a list of available forms.
Teachers will begin with the Self-Assessment form.
The following form will load. The grey area will display the name
of the form, your first and last name, your evaluator’s name or
self-evaluation, and the date and time the form was created.
Please note all forms start with the sharing turned off. As long
as the sharing is off, only the creator of the form will be able
to access the information.
Once any information has been added to the form, your form will be
saved and available for future edits in your Forms screen menu.
To re-access your form click on the date/time hyperlink.
Once you have completed your form and wish to make no further edits,
please sign the form. After signing you will be brought back to the Forms
screen menu. When ready, you may share the form with your evaluator
by clicking on the form and turning the Share button on.
Please continue this process as your
evaluation team has decided...
For any questions or tech issues,
please contact your support staff.