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Building Our Network
17th December 2013
Launch- June 2013
Healthwatch- Health and Social Care Act
• Independent ‘consumer champion’ to
promote better outcomes in health and
social care
• Representative of diverse communities
• Providing intelligence to influence policy,
planning, commissioning and delivery
• Credibility and public trust by being
responsive and acting on concerns when
things go wrong
Purpose and functions
Support public involvement in the monitoring, commissioning and
provision of local care services.
Gather people’s views on their needs for and experiences of local
services and make those views known to those involved in the
commissioning, provision and scrutiny of those services. (Includes Enter &
View visits)
Provide information & signpost people to local services, including to NHS
Complaints Advocacy service provided by Voiceability.
Make reports & recommendations on how service could be improved
Make the views and experiences known to HW England (and other local HW
Advise the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on areas of concern, nationally
through HW England and locally.
Addition of Children Social Care services (NEW)
Hearing people’s stories
Focus groups with patients and staff were “the
single most powerful aspect of the review
Keogh Review
“Involvement means having the patient voice
heard at every level of the service, even when that
voice is a whisper”
Berwick Report
‘soft intelligence’ = sharp insights into
achievements and failures
Some issues
Hospital discharge
District nursing
Registering with GPs
Day service changes and personal budgets
Communication with health professionals
Resolving the issues…
• Quarterly meetings with Patient Experience Managers,
• Patient Advisory Liaison Service (PALS) in Hospitals
• Informing NHS Southwark Clinical Commissioning Groups Quality Reports, representative seat on Governing Body and
Influential positions
Clinical Commissioning Group
Health and Wellbeing Board
Health and Social Care Communities &
Citizenship Scrutiny Sub- committee
Enter and View
Guys and St Thomas’, South London and
Maudsley and King’s College Hospital
Foundation Trusts
We monitor, not inspect services!
The Network so far…
• Volunteers
• Voluntary and Community Organisations
• Groups - Focus groups
• Future partners to work on the priority areas
• Specific pieces of work e.g. Dulwich Health Services,
Complaints policy, Quality Report, Quality Accounts
• Engagement – Health and Wellbeing Strategy
Common Priorities
• GP Access
• Access to mental health services
• Sexual and reproductive health services
• Social care – people not eligible under the
FACS criteria (Fair Access to Care Services)
We need to have you in the network!
Contact us
[email protected]
020 7358 7005
Alvin Kinch, Manager
Chithmini (Chip) De Silva, Engagement
Sec-Chan Hoong, Development Officer