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Healthy Lives, Healthy People
Our Strategy for Public Health in England
Dr Jackie Chin
Feb 2011
• Better understanding of Public Health
• Provide an update on the proposals for Local Authorities
regarding public health
• What is Public Health?
• Outline proposals for Public Health- National / Local
• Health and Wellbeing Board
• Role of Director of Public Health
• Transition timescale
What is Public Health?
Prevent disease, prolong life and promote health.
• Health Protection ( e.g. Imms, Tb, Pandemic Flu,
• Health Improvement (Lifestyles, inequalities, wider deter)
• Health Services (service planning. Models etc)
The health challenge
• Smoking claims over 80,000 lives a year
• 1.6 million people are dependent on alcohol
• Over half a million new sexually transmitted infections
diagnosed last year
• Within London, life expectancy in the poorest council
wards is 17 years lower than for people in the richest
This matters because:
• People’s wellbeing depends on good health
• The gap between rich and poor isn’t improving
The new approach
• Healthy Lives, Healthy People establishes public
health a priority for the government
• Actions across the NHS and social care – but also
education, housing and other areas that impact on health
• A new focus on local action by individuals, families,
communities and local government
New public health system – national
• A new integrated public health service – ‘Public
Health England’
• Public health ‘responsibility deal’ with business, to
drive improvements in healthy living
• New Cabinet sub-committee on public health
New public health system – local
• New role for local authorities (LAs) to lead action
in ‘health improvement’ and tackle inequalities.
• Directors of Public Health to be strategic leads
within LAs,
• LAs will be allocated ring-fenced health
improvement funding.
• Outcomes driven: DH to set Outcomes
Framework but local freedom to achieve this
Health and Wellbeing Board
• Statutory Health and Wellbeing Board -local authority.
• “to promote integration and partnership working between
the NHS, social care, public health and other local services
and improve democratic accountability”.
• Assess the needs of the local population and lead the
statutory joint strategic needs assessment;
• Promote integration and partnership, including through
joined-up commissioning plans across the NHS, social
care and public health;
Directors of Public Health
• Jointly appointed by the LA and Public Health England:
crucial role in leading locally and integrating nationally.
• “Principal adviser” on all health matters to the LA on the
full range of LA functions
• Promote integrated working across NHS and local
government services
• Commissioning advice to GPs
• Develop the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and joint
health and wellbeing strategy
Public health in London
• The Mayor of London has an existing statutory
responsibility for tackling health inequalities
• Health improvement role transferred to boroughs
– but potential for city-wide action
Transition to 2013
• Accountability for delivery in 2011/12 remains
with the SHA and PCTs
• Public Health England and LA role from 2013 –
shadow running to start in 2011.
• SHA responsible for overall transition.
Next steps
• DH is consulting on:
– Specific questions in the white paper
– Public health Outcomes Framework
– Funding and commissioning routes
• More info: