Bell-work 11/13/14 - La Vergne High School

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Transcript Bell-work 11/13/14 - La Vergne High School

Bell-work 11/13/14
Write each sentence and fill in the correct word wall word.
Your _____ attempt at solving the problem is
“This class is too _______ !” the teacher yelled.
The party looks really ________; I can’t wait to go
“Remember when you laughed when I told you my
gold fish died?” I said angrily. “That was a ______
I felt extremely _____ after my Swedish massage.
Today’s EQs
EQ: 49 How do we assess the elements of
My measurable goal:
 I can identify elements of drama (stage
directions, aside, ect.)
Recap Act II scene ii
Open your books to page
1073 we are going to listen to the play! You
need to be filling in your study guide
questions as we read!
Act II, iii and iv
Characters reading
Scene iii
 Friar Lawrence
 Romeo
 Benvolio
 Mercutio
Scene iv
 Romeo
 Nurse
 Peter
Look on page 1054-1056 at the
Queen Mab speech/monologue
Draw a picture of her; use the imagery
found in the monologue to help you.
Exit Ticket
Write 1-2 sentence summary
about Act II iii and iv