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Becoming a Commercial Pilot has Never Been Easier
Vincennes University and Indy Aero have partnered to give you the opportunity to earn your
Commercial Pilot Rating, 6 college credits, and the ability to access Federal Financial Aid from
an accredited, Indiana college.
Course Information
•AFLT 181 Primary Ground School This course totals 3 credit hours and cover navigation, radio
communication, airplane performance, aircraft systems, and Federal Aviation Administration
Regulations. This course will prepare you for successful completion of the Federal Aviation
Agency written examination.
•AFLT 186 Commercial Flight I This 3 credit hour course will continue in the basic maneuvers
and progress to advanced maneuvers as specified in the FAA Commercial Pilot Practical Test
Standards. This course consists of 49 hours of flight time as well as 4 hours of training in a flight
simulator and 35 hours of ground instruction. Please note that additional flight time may be
needed and can be purchased at a reduced rate through Vincennes University.
Payment Information
This partnership gives you many affordable payment options. You can now use Federal Financial
Aid to reach your dream of flight.
Find out more information about this and other programs
offered by Vincennes University at the Aviation Technology
Center by calling 317-381-6000
Additional flight time may be purchased at these reduced rates:
Flight Instructor Fee…………$34.00per hour
G1000 C172..$120.00 per hour
Frasca Sim...$45.00 per hour
*Flight time includes: 49 total hours in G1000 Cessna 172SP, 4 hours of simulator, and 13 hours with CFI
**Commercial Pilot Kit includes: Bag, Commercial Pilot Flight Maneuvers, Commercial Pilot Written Exam Study Guide, Commercial
Pilot Syllabus, Commercial Pilot Practice Exam Software.
***Must be paid at time of enrollment.
****Prices are subject to change