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The Need For Energy
 Energy is essential to life
 Plants obtain energy from the sun and
store it in the bonds of molecules for later
use-this process is called
 Energy stored in chemical bonds is called
chemical potential energy
What cell processes
require energy?
Active transport
Cell division (mitosis)
Movement of flagella or cilia
Production of proteins (by ribosomes)
Transport of proteins (by ER and Golgi)
Muscles contracting
1.) What is the name of the chemical
that stores energy for a cell?
Adenosine triphosphate
Adenosine plus 3 phosphate groups (PO3-)
stuck together
Remember: negatively charged particles
repel, so the phosphates don’t want to be
 When the bond between 2 of the
phosphate groups is broken, energy is
given off, like a spring being released.
 When one phosphate group is lost, the
ATP molecule becomes ADP (adenosine
 To make ATP, the cell uses the energy
captured by the cell (either through
photosynthesis or food) to add another
phosphate group on to ADP.
 ADP + PO-3  ATP