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Employee Website
First Time User Log In
• Log on to
• Click New User
First Time User Log In
• Please complete the
information on the screen
• The following fields must
match what we have in our
– Social Security Number
– Date of Birth
– Email Address
First Time User Log In
• You may select your own user name
and password
• These are not kept in our office so
please keep in a secure location
View Account
• This tab will allow you to
view the activity on your
• You can view any pending
• You can view any
completed payment
View Account
• You can view details about
your account that include:
– Current balance
– Deposit & paid to date
– Plan Year dates
– Claims deadlines
View Account
You can get a list of
qualified expenses for all
of your plans including:
– Health Care FSA
– Dependent Care FSA
File a Claim
• You can now fill out a claim
• Once you have completed
the information; you click
on “Add an item”
File a Claim
• You can add multiple items
to one claim form
• Once complete, click “View
File a Claim
• Review the expenses for
accuracy and click the blue
“continue” button.
• You will be prompted to
print a claim form.
• Simply fax this form with
your receipts to the
number provided.
• Check the status of claims
submitted online under
“pending payments” in the
view account section.
User Information
• This tab will allow you to
see all the demographics
for your personal profile
• You can submit changes to
your personal information
here as well, just be sure to
notify your employer of any
changes as well.
User Information
• You can also change your
password to keep your
information safe and
Contact Us
• This tab will give you all
the information needed to
contact us directly
• You also have the option to
send us an email directly
from the website.
• Click on the “Help” section
to get help on filing a claim
• If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Flex
Team at:
• 1-800-815-3023 option #4
• Email us at [email protected]