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North Seattle Community
College Book Exchange
Creating an account...
• Select your
account type
• Select "continue"
• create a log-in name
• enter your email
• create a password
(keep in mind current
password creation
• confirm password
• read the terms of
• accept the terms
of use
• enter the required
name information
• enter a nickname if
you choose one
• enter your email
• country or region
• city
• state
• zip code
• enter in any
information in the
"other info"
• grade level is
• then save!
• successfully
created your
• remember to verify
your email
• go to your email inbox and click the link
provided in the email
from TBXN
• enter your log in
• your account will be
officially complete
•Finding Books:
searching, selling, placing want ads
• the easiest way
to do this is by
using the 13-digit
ISBN number
(find this in the front of
your book, or look up the
book online and use the
ISBN given)
my example:
• click "search"
• the title, author, and
other information will
be self-populated
• from here you can
decide what you would
like to do with these
results; like SELL or
place a WANT AD
• any results of other
posts of the same
book will be presented
in the bottom portion of
the page
images may or may not load initially...
Sell a book...
• choose the "sell this
book" option
• enter the price and
condition and other
comments as
• by entering the class
and school
information you help
other students on
campus and in the
local area easily find
the books
• you can provide
information to the
buyer as to where
you would like to
meet for the sale of
this book
• also enter the best
way for the buyer to
contact you
• click "save"
Place a want ad...
• choose the "post a want
ad" option
• enter the price you are
willing to pay for the
• you can provide
information to the seller
as to where you would
like to meet for the sale
of this book
• also enter the best way
for the seller to contact
• and "save"
Review of main pages
• "my account" page
• there is more info here
than needed for merely
buying and selling
• the main tab you will
want to use is the "my
books" tab, in the left
side bar
• "my books" page
• any books you have
associated with your
account will be kept
track of here
(this includes books for sale
and your want ads for books)
That's it!
• the more people who post and use this site, the more
efficient it will be in helping others find and sell their
• have fun saving money on your books!
• if you have questions, please contact:
[email protected]