Orientation to Medatrax

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Transcript Orientation to Medatrax

Orientation to
NSG 424/524
Mrs. Cheryl Scott, RN, BSN,
Welcome to Meditrax
 This
on line system will allow you to:
Log all your clinical hours per course
Log all patient encounters
Log all skills completed
Log all nursing and medical diagnosis per
Create reports showing all of this data in a
graphic display for your senior portfolio.
Getting started
 Go
to: http://np.meditrax.com
 Download the app to your device. It is
recommended that the device you
choose be a laptop, ipad or ipad mini.
 You can download it to your iPhone
however the print and screens are very
small and hard to read. This is not
Opening page
 The
next screen shows your opening
 This is where you enter your user name
and password. Please be sure to keep
your user name and password secure as
you will be accessing this sight at least
The opening page
 Once
logged in you can now navigate
through all the links on the opening page
 We will now go through these links and
show you their usage.
Lets get started
My Account section
 This
section allows you to:
keep your email address up to date in
the system.
Change your password
Change your user name