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What is Edlio?
Edlio is a software package that enables the management and
delivery of learning content and resources to students.
● Create custom-designed, easy to update school websites
● Create custom classroom pages
● Post classes, links, homework assignments, files
● Teacher blogs
● Social Media Integration, Google Integration
● Parent and student subscriptions by email to daily posts
Who uses Edlio?
● Schools,School Districts, and HUSD
● Teachers
● Students
● Parents
● Site Administrators
● District Administrators
● District Departments
Teachers can create their own class page using
the “Getting Started: A Teacher’s Guide.”
Logging in to Edlio
● Go to your school website at http://www._____
● To make changes go to http://admin________
● Your school site will provide you with your
username and password.
● Change your password, confirm, click save
● Personalize your profile and make changes
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