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Turn-It-In Tutorial
Student User Guide
The turnitin website is you should see the below page
Click on the “create account “ tab on the upper right hand corner of the window
The following page should appear when you click on the above
Click on the “student” tab at the bottom left of the page the following should appear
Please note you get the class ID and Class Enrollment Password from the lecturer
Mock entries are as alongside
Please note
Password is
Click on “I
Profile” and
the following
should appear
Click on the lesson tab e.g. in this case, research paper 2nd year the following should appear
To submit an assignment, click on the “submit” tab
Fill in the required fields (marked in red). Then click on “browse” to access the assignment you want to upload
Dialogue Box
A dialogue box should appear to ask you to locate the file
Once you have located your document, select it. The document name will appear on the file
name space then click on “open”. Your screen will then have the following page
Once you click on “open” in the dialogue box, the file path will appear on the
“Browse” space as above. You then click on “upload” to upload the assignment. The
next page then appears
Click on “submit” after perusing through your paper and you are sure it is what you are to
submit. The next page then appears
Click on “go to portfolio” to view status of submission.
For an assignment that is supposed to be submitted once, the window will
appear as above. Click on “show details” to view the status report
For an assignment that can be resubmitted, the window will appear as above. Please notice you have
the option to resubmit the assignment. If you click on “resubmit” you will be taken back to the
uploading page to re-upload the assignment. The process is the same as the normal uploading.
For the assignment that you can still resubmit, the originality report will be shown but you as the student will
not be able to view the sources until after the due date. The different shades should however give you an
indication of how much is plagiarized. The side that has the [--] shows how much is plagiarized.
For an assignment that is the final assignment, you may view the percentage e.g. as above, it is 84%
Click on the icon below the “originality report” to view the report. The
following should open on a new window
This side shows your document and color codes the
plagiarized parts. The colors are not an indication of severity,
rather it just highlights what is from where . E.g. the red
parts on this side relate to the sources marked red on the
opposite side
This side tells you the sources from
where the document was originally
Recall that the first part was downloaded from When I click on the link provided by
Turnitin, it will open the site
Don’t plagiarize!!
For assistance contact the Information Literacy
& Reference section of the library.