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Transcript Day 3 PowerPoint Slides

Level 2
Award in Social
Networking for
Day 3
Alan Jarvis
• Key word research with Google Adwords Keyword Planner
• Social Media Monitoring
• Hootsuite
• Social Media Policy
• Social Media Marketing Plan
• Social Media Content Schedule
• Today:
Following Strategy
Developing actual posts
Risks of Social Media
Progress reviews
Social Media Activity Log
• Form provided
• Need to keep this for min 2 weeks or 10 activities
• Enter all social media activity,
Posting (with brief detail of what you have posted)
Replying to messages
Sharing commenting etc.
Updating profile, photos etc.
• Need not follow your posting schedule exactly but it ought to
relate to it to a certain extent.
• Remember you don’t have to do exactly what you plan, on the
last lesson I will ask you to write an evaluation on your
progress and you can comment that things did not go to plan
for what ever reason.
Following Strategy
• Following the right people and engaging in conversations is an
important part of you community building
• Who should I follow on Twitter?
• Which groups should I join on Facebook?
• Which groups should I join on Linkedin?
• How can I use these contacts to my advantage?
Facebook groups
• Are there any groups relevant to your business?
• If there are, join them, and post in the group.
You can’t join a group as a
business page!
Join as a personal FB user and
post interesting, useful stuff,
comment on other peoples
posts, don’t do any hard sell
but subtle pointers to your
business are probably fine
Follow people on Twitter
• Research into suitable people to follow on Twitter
• Search, check their activity, see what they tweet
• Retweet their tweets that you think will appeal to your target
• Research relevant hashtags
• Use these hashtags yourself to join in the conversation
• Many tweets contain links back to a blog. You might want to
follow the blog directly and comment on posts in the blog.
Join groups on Linkedin
• Research relevant groups on Linkedin
• Join them, read the posts, comment if relevant
Practical task
• Create a following strategy
• Related to your marketing plan
• List the places you will go to research groups to join/people to
• Start doing your research and collect some evidence (screen
• Depending on the channels you said you would use in your social
media marketing plan this might include:
Facebook groups
Twitter people to follow
Twitter hastags to use
Linkedin groups
Social Media Risks
• What could possibly go wrong?
• US Air tweet a picture of a naked woman
• Potential problems
PR disasters
Legal action related to posted content
Loss of staff productivity
Damage to reputation
Loss of data
Security issues
• Problems can be:
• Fast moving
• Viral
Social Media Risks
• Preparation – due to the unpredictable and fast moving nature
of a crisis, prior planning is important
• Risk assessment
• Crisis management plan
• Consequences
• Lost of data
• Loss of customers/business
• Damage to reputation
Social Media Risks
• Complete workbook
• Unit 1
• Sections 3.1, 3.2, 3.3
• Give examples!
Develop content
• Unit 2
• 2.3 Engage and support others to develop content for publishing
• 2.4 Edit and optimise content ready for publishing
• 2.5 Publish content to agreed platforms
• Work in pairs
• Look at each others plans:
• Marketing plan
• Posting schedule
• Following strategy
• Discuss and research suitable posts
• Develop 2 ‘regular’ posts
• Develop 1 blog post and promote it via your social media
Home work
Back next Tuesday 13th May
In room QUE 117 (above Library)
Post as per your posting schedule
Update your social media activity log.