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Transcript CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Advisory Board Meeting

Chemical Engineering
Texas A&M University
at Qatar
Industrial Advisors Meeting
May 21, 2013
Advisory Board Meeting
Role of the Industrial Board Members
Program Assessment
Annual Report
Faculty Awards
Close and Dinner
As of 1 Jan. 2010
Roles of the Industrial Board Members
Provide support for the CHEN Program by:
 Provide input on program wellness and direction.
 Give feedback on student preparation for industry.
 Provide feedback on areas of research and other
contributions to industry.
 Provide information on post-graduation training and lifelong learning expectations.
 Represent the program with industry.
 Provide Graduate Program feedback.
 Help recruit students and provide internship
Role of Industrial Board Members
Help maintain high academic standards and apply continuous
improvement by participating in:
 Participate in Board Meetings to discuss ABET related results
and provide recommendations.
 Assess Program Outcomes:
Evaluate capstone project presentations
Conduct exit interviews of graduating students
 Meet with ABET reviewers during accreditation and mock visits.
Next mock meeting 2013
Accreditation 2014.
Program Honors 2013
Faculty Research Excellence Award
Itochu Professor in Engineering
Outstanding Chemical Engineering Faculty
Sustainable Innovation of the Year Award
Ahmed Abdel-Wahab
Faculty Excellence Award
Best Chemical Engineering Graduate Professor
Phi Kappa Phi
Mohamed Nounou
Student Organization Advisor of the Year Award
Ghada Salama
Program Honors 2013
Best Energy and Environment Research Program of the Year
1st place Visualization Competition
1st Place Poster Award, 3rd International Gas Processing Conference
Best Research Team Award, TAMUQ Chemical Engineering Program
Nimir Elbashir
Program Honors 2013
Contracts and Promotions
Senior Lecturer
Administrative Assistant
Five –Year Service Award
Ghada Salama
Hamad Farooqi
Amanda Field
Patrick Linke
Nimir Elbashir
Program Honors
QNRF 6th Cycle Funding
Ahmed Abdel-Wahab
Ioannis Economou ( 2 Grants)
Konstantinos Kakosimos
Luc Vechot
Mert Atilhan (adjunct at QU)
These are great results in light of the average success rate of 20%
this year.
Best wishes to everyone on their new research projects.
Assessment Report
Dr. Marcelo Castier