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By Emma and Ben

* Introudushoin 3 * Why is food important?

* Healthy eating 5 * Food and your teeth * 4 6

This book will tell you lots of intresting Facts about food and how to eat a Helfey diet such as froots and vegdbels.


You need food to stay alive such as froots and vegetabels also if you don’t eat you will die.

Food makes you grow aswell .Oranges make you Strong.Water is good for you and your bones. .

If you eat to much sugar it will harm your teeth.


You need to eat a lot of fruit’s and vegetabuls Because they help you grow taller than you are now.You should eat 6 or more portons of bread And cereals.


If you eat to much sugar your teeth will rot and you will have to have a filling.Brush your teeth twice a day because it will wash the bacteria’s a way also it will clean your teeth.

Fruit,bread,cheese and fish all have hidden sugar.