Miniature Centrifugal Compressor Development

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Transcript Miniature Centrifugal Compressor Development

Single Stage Centrifugal
Compressor Development
Kevin Finney
Ray Zhou
Xiaoyi Li
Krishna Murty
Jinying Zhu
May 2, 2003
Current Status of Development
• All parts have been manufactured which
are required to assemble the compressor.
• Completing a coupler design which will
serve as a “weak point”.
• Searching for appropriate instrumentation
for data collection.
• Considering possibility of manufacturing
transparent parts in order to observe flow
paths during operation.
Single Stage Compressor
• Parts manufactured by 3Dimensional Engineering
in Pompano Beach
– Impeller (cast, turned to final size)
– Diffuser (CNC machined)
– Inlet Guide Vane (CNC machined)
• Coupler to handle 150,000 rpm is currently being
– Coupler will be designed as a “weak point”
– Coupler will be a rigid shaft, with a thinned area that will
allow some amount of misalignment and failure first
Parts which have been manufactured…
Impeller (cast)
Inlet Guide Vane
Needs Before Assembly of
Compressor Parts
• Polishing and finishing of the Impeller,
Diffuser, and Inlet Guide Vane
• Balancing of the Impellers for 150,000 rpm
• Completion of the “weak point” coupler
design and manufaction
• Instrumentation set-up to collect data in
desired locations
Areas of Desired Measurements
Pressure and Temperature at Inlet
Mass Flow Controller
Torque Out of Motor
Motor Case Temperature
Motor Bearing Temperature
Pressure and
after Mixer
Bearing Temperature
Pressure and
Temperature at Diffuser
Motor Bearing Temperature
Bearing Temperature
Power In
Future of Compressor
• Ship Impellers to American Hoffman in West
Virginia for balancing.
• Assemble compressor and begin tests at low
speeds to allow for break-in of bearings.
• Test at maximum design speed of 150,000
revolutions per minute and collect data.
• Begin iterative procedure to optimize single
stage design.
• Use the results for optimization of the four-stage