Sustainability Office - EcoCampus Update

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Reducing the University’s Impact on the Environment
Jamie Pearson
Sustainability / Environmental Advisor
Property & Facilities
Carbon Management Plan, 2009
Carbon Trust Standard, 2010
Carbon Management Revisited, 2012
Carbon Masters Standard, 2012
Carbon Trust Water Standard, 2014
Biodiversity Audit (2011)
Transport Audits (2011 & 2013)
Fairtrade University
Communication and Awareness Plan
Universities and Colleges Climate Commitment for Scotland (UCCCfS)
Green League
Corporate Social Responsibility
Environmental Management System
Three year programme
Structure of audit and assessment
Key Links To HR&D
Identification of key training needs (training needs evaluation).
Identification of methods for raising awareness.
Development of Training Plan.
Collation and management of training records, recording all training.
Development and implementation of a procedure for communicating
roles and responsibilities to relevant staff.
• “The institution shall develop and implement a procedure for
assessing the competency of all those persons whose work may have
a significant impact on the environment”.
• “All staff shall have adequate training to ensure they understand the
environmental issues relating to the institution and their roles and
responsibilities for implementing the EMS”.
Commitment and involvement
Strong communications
Good flexible planning
Clear Performance Improvement Goals
Detailed monitoring procedures
Integration with existing management systems
Management of environmental impact
Management of financial impact
Reputational risk
Curricular links and gain
Stakeholder engagement
Research and knowledge transfer