VIP Asset Exchange

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VIP Asset Exchange
Invitation Only
VIP Asset Exchange
• Online trading platform and facilitator for multiple
• Private , invitation only
• REO’s, PL and NPL in 1st and 2nd position
• you will only see what you are entitled too
• Vetted sellers
• Quality control process where each asset is
reviewed for accurate information and
How to Buy Assets
Perform due diligence (always)
Submit offer
Offer accepted, countered or denied
• PSA within 2 days
• 20% escrow within 24 hours of final PSA
• Close deal
• Within 10 days
Keeping Track of Offers
You can keep track of your offers by going to the "My
Account" page and clicking on the offer status that applies.
Below is a list of offer statuses:
• New offers
• Countered offers
• Pending offers
• Contracting offers
• Closing deals
• Completed deals
• Denied offers
• Cancelled offers