Countdown to STAAR PP

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L.B.J Fourth Graders Rock the STAAR!

Countdown to STAAR!

Welcome LBJ parents and students!


This meeting is to give you information on STAAR testing days, what is expected, how you can help and how your child is progressing thus far.


The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STAAR, replaced the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) program beginning in spring 2012


The STAAR program at grades 3–8 will assess the same grades and subjects as are assessed on TAKS.


The most significant changes to the assessment program include: • • increasing the rigor of both the assessments and the performance standards for all grades, subjects, and courses; The rigor of items has been increased by assessing skills at a readiness. greater depth and level of cognitive complexity. In this way the tests will be better able to measure a greater range of student achievement and establish stronger links to postsecondary

(Continued) 4 hour time limit STAAR writing assessments at grades 4 will be extended to two days. The test designs for STAAR grades 4 writing will require students to write two essays addressing different purposes for writing rather than one longer personal essay, which TAKS required.

( Continued ) In reading assessments for STAAR, greater emphasis will be given to critical analysis rather than literal understanding Most STAAR mathematics assessments will have an increased number of open-ended (griddable) items to allow students the opportunity to derive an answer independently without being influenced by the answer choices provided with the questions.

What tests will 4 Writing Reading Math (1 Day) (1 Day) th graders be taking?

(Composition and Grammar) (2 Days)

When will students be tested?

Writing- April 2 and 3 Math- April 23 Reading-April 24

What can you do to help?


: should be practicing reading 4 th grade books to prepare for STAAR, practicing multiplication facts and completing all homework assignments.


: please make sure your child reads on a daily basis. Please make sure you sign homework sheets/calendars. Make frequent contact with teacher.


• • • • Students have homework


Daily Reading on 4 th grade material including their reading book.

Computer Lab will open at 7:15 for Reflex Math and AR testing Attendance

Other Reminders: Tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays Saturday School

Students, we Believe in You!

Together, students, parents and teachers can Rock the STAAR!

Where to look for more information?


Parents, at this time, you could meet briefly with teachers to discuss student progress.

Thank you for your support!