Transcript Airport

      Aerodrome is a place on ground which is usually used for take-off and landing of aircraft. It can be also used for taxing.

Aerodrome is formed by maneuvering areas, buildings and other equipment There several names for airport: Airfield Airport Airbase

       Typical for general aviation Usually equipped with unpaved runway covered by grass, Surface is not made from concrete or asphalt Usually without lights Only few buildings and small wooden hangars Only Aerodrome Flight Information Services is provided Usually Aerodrome Traffic Zone is established around

      Usually larger than airfield It can be formed by lot of buildings, movement areas and efficient systems and equipment necessary for busy air traffic Due to lot of aircraft Air traffic service is usually provided Control zone and terminal control area is established around Paved runway is typical, usually made from concrete.

Equipped with lighting system

     It is common term for military airport.

Bigger than airfield but smaller than airport Only or partly for military air traffic, in same case landing of civilian aircraft is approved Somewhere you can find both military and civilian traffic.

Runway and taxiways are made from concrete

      Runway Taxiway Apron Parking area Runway is a rectangle area which is used for landing and taking-off aircraft. Sometimes it can be used for taxiing. Runway can be equipped by lights and markings.

On large international airport more than one runway. Then we determine main runway.

    Instrument runway can allow instrument landing when it is equipped with proper approach lights system and instrument landing system, usually used by IFR flights Non-instrument runway is approved only for visual approach.

On military airbase grass strip is located next to the runway for emergency landing or dropping external fuel tank.

Runway arresting gear 1.

Barrier 2.

Cable – for aircraft with arrester hook

    Taxiway connects each part of airport, usually aprons or parking area with runway.

It is used for taxiing or any movement of aircraft on airport.

It is made from concrete or asphalt.

Marking has yellow color

Apron is an area on airport for:  Parking of aircraft due to maintenance,    Refueling, Loading or unloading of cargo, Embarkation of passengers.

     Tower - highest building on aerodrome used for AFIS or ATC Terminal - building for pasanger with check in, custom office, gates, Hangars - large simple building for aircraft maintenance and repairs Shelter - concrete bunker for aircraft coved by grass typical for military airbase Logistic buildings - for support

Runway lights ① Runway edge lights ② Runway threshold lights ③ Runway end lights ④ Runway centre line lights Approach lighting system - necessary for instrument approach and approach during nights and bad meteorological instrument Taxiway lights - blue color

    Instrument landing system - ILS - formed by:  Localizer situated behind end of instrument runway  Glide path situated next to a runway 300 m behind threshold Precision approach radar - used by ATC who gives instruction to a pilot controlling aircraft during precision approach GPS NDB

       Aircraft tug - for towing, pushing of aircraft Fuel truck - for refueling Ground power unit - for engine starting-up Fire truck - for emergency situation Ambulance - for medical assistance Snow plough - for snow removing during winter Catering truck - for food support

            Maneuvering area …Provozní plocha Concrete …Beton General aviation …Všeobecné letectví Paved … Zpevněný/ Unpaved … Nezpevněný Movement area … Pohybové plochy Determine …Určovat, rozlišovat Shelter …Úkryt External fuel tank … Přídavná nádrž Runway arresting gear … Záchytné dráhové zařízení Barrier …záchytná síť Arrester hook … záchytný hák.

Embarkation … Nastoupení do letadla, nalodění