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All in One Hosted Monitoring Solution
Who is Monitis?
Monitis was founded in 2005 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs. These fed-up
and frustrated developers, from what was then Lycos, were tired of the limits of
software-based monitoring tools. The complexity and the use of multiple tools
to keep track of their systems only grew their frustrations.
We at Monitis, know what it is like to be short on time, money, and
resources…So we have set out on a journey to solve these monitoring problems
for IT professionals.
Our mission is to save IT managers, engineers, and system administrators massive
amounts of time and headaches by creating an integrated suite of superior
backend-, application-, website-, and Cloud-monitoring tools that is 100% SaaSbased and available as an easy-to-use single hosted console.
In 2011, we joined our growing forces with GFI Software to expand our efforts for
many years to come.
Problems We Solve:
Are My Systems Up ?
Website Uptime Monitoring – (External monitoring of 15+ protocols, Get, Post, SOAP, content matching)
Server/Network Monitoring – (Agent based, Windows/Linux, no firewall changes needed)
Are My Systems Performing well?
Full Page Load Monitoring – (Real Browser Performance Monitoring)
Database Monitoring – (Agent and/or scripts based, detailed metrics on MYSQL, MS SQL , PostgreSQL,
Cassandra, and many more)
Are My Systems Functional?
Transactions Monitoring – (Real Browser Synthetic Transaction Monitoring, “think” web site functionally
Custom Monitors – ( Open and Restful API for extending and customizing our platform. Push, Pull, and
Am I being Proactive?
Alerting and Notifications – ( Customizable Notifications for escalations, Email, SMS, Phone, IM, Twitter, URL
Reporting – (Detailed, Customizable Reporting, including Shared pages, SLA, Uptime, and Email Reports)
Am I Prepared?
Other Tools – ( Web Load Stress Testing, EC2 Cloud integration, Vulnerability Scanning , Mobile APPs)
All in one, at a glance!
In Summary…
Monitis is designed for serious IT professionals looking for high-end performance for
their monitoring needs.
A system that handles all your monitoring needs from one simple user interface
The SaaS model means- no maintenance, upgrades
All of this at an affordable cost. Plans start as low as $ 9.98 month
No contracts, month to month, pay as you go.
Free your self today and start a 15 day trial!
For Questions Please Contact Us!
[email protected]
US- (800) 657-7949
UK- +44-845-527-3346
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