Housing and Residential Communities The

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Transcript Housing and Residential Communities The

Freshman Residency Program
Established to:
Provide best start for first year students at UA
Encourage students to engage in campus life
Improve persistence, retention, and graduation
Provide trained staff as resources and support
Encourage responsibility for daily life and choices
Deadline to request
exemption from FRP is
July 15, 2014.
Residence Hall Resources
Multiple levels of staff provide support and
resources for residents
Professional HRC staff (notably Area Coordinators)
Live-in Graduate Community Directors (CDs)
Resident Advisors (RAs)
Freshman Advisors (FAs)
Our staff are great, but . . .
they’re not mind readers.
When residents have a concern,
they need to share it, so we can help.
Residence Hall and Campus Resources
Maintenance issue?
• Students submit online work order. It’s quick and easy.
Roommate conflict?
• Roommate agreements; roommate mediation; room changes
available, when needed
Need to get involved?
• Freshman Advisors encourage knowledge of campus activities
Want to receive or send a package?
• The Ferguson Mail Center rents PO boxes for mail. UPS and FedEx
packages can also be sent their, without a PO box.
Curfew enforcement?
• Just kidding!
• Students are responsible for when they come and go
Housing Assignments
•Assignments made in application
date order and students notified
by crimson e-mail.
•Assignments made during the
spring and throughout the
•Students can check their
assignment status at any time
through the online application.
•Space limitations do not allow
HRC to guarantee any specific
Residence Hall Information
Model rooms available in Ridgecrest South and Burke
Burke East resembles traditional style; Ridgecrest South
resembles suite style, particularly Presidential
Other residence halls unavailable during summer due to
camps; floor plans and photos on UA web site
Please respect the privacy of summer residents by not
visiting other residence halls.
Residence Hall Room Features
• Twin beds (full size bed in Bryant Hall); mattress lengths
vary-see HRC web site for specific information
• Microfridge or full-size refrigerator
• Microwave (except in Highlands and Bryce Lawn)
• Cable TV-at least 6’ coax cable needed
• High speed wireless internet; ethernet cables are helpful
For specific information about each residence hall,
including mattress lengths, please visit the HRC web site.
Students select their move-in day and
time online from mid-June until early
Freshman Move in Schedule:
• Approved Early Arrivals: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
August 7 and 8
• Freshmen: August 15, 16 and 17
See HRC web site for detailed schedule.
We recommend that you do not finalize
travel plans until you sign up for your
move-in time, as certain buildings/floors
have specific times.
The right way to move to UA
• Plan realistically for the space.
• Communicate with roommate(s) ahead of
• Bring items the student needs. Other items
can be purchased later.
• Pack everything in boxes and label them
with student’s name and room number.
• No moving vans! If you need a U-haul, your
student is bringing too much.
• Follow traffic and parking instructions.
• Arrive at scheduled move-in time, not before.
• loose items
• unsecured boxes
• No moving vans!
Beyond Freshman Year
• On-campus housing is guaranteed for incoming freshmen and
students with housing scholarships that can only be used on campus.
• Off-campus Resources provides guidance in transitioning to offcampus housing.
• Information about recontracting process begins in early fall.
Housing Contact Information
Housing and Residential Communities
HRC office located in Burke East until July 4. The office opens in
the new Student Activity Center (located between Presidential I
and II) beginning July 7 (anticipated)
Phone: (205) 348-6676 or (888) 498-2262
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://housing.ua.edu/
Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm (CST)
Saturday: 9am - 12pm (CST)
• [email protected] for specific move-in questions