Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) Alan

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Transcript Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) Alan

Jon Rice
Block 7
This line refers to September 11,
2001. On this day, the World Trade
Center in New York was attacked by two
planes. Also, one plane crashed into the
Pentagon. The planes were hijacked and
the attacks were acts of terrorism. Many
families lost loved ones and there were
many casualties in the attacks. For more
information click here.
This line refers to the trail of
smoke that was left from the
burning World Trade Center. The
smoke cloud stretched for miles.
The cloud was so large that it could
be seen by satellites.
This is an example of alliteration.
Alliteration is the repetition of the
same consonant at the beginning
of words. The consonant “s” is
repeated three times in the phrase
“singer of simple songs”.
This line talks about the many people in the
attacks on September 11, 2001 that were trying
to save the civilians. 343 firefighters/
paramedics were killed and 23 NYPD officers
were killed. For more information click here.
Alan Jackson was born on October 17, 1958. He was born in
Newnan, Georgia. Alan’s father, Eugene, worked as a autoworker.
His mother, Ruth, was a homemaker. Alan is one of seven
children under Ruth and Eugene. Jackson met his wife, Denise, in
high school at a Dairy Queen. They married in 1979. Soon after
their marriage, they moved to Nashville, Tennessee so Alan could
have a music career. However, before he became a talented
musician, Alan worked odd jobs. For example, he worked as a
used car salesman and Denise worked as a flight attendant.
Denise met Glen Campbell of Glen Campbell Enterprises on a
plane one day and told him about Alan. Soon after, Jackson was
hired by the manager, Marty Gamblin. Jackson released his first
album, Here in the Real World, in 1990 and also birthed his first
daughter. Alan released “Where Were You (When the World
Stopped Turning) on his album Drive in 2002.
For more information click here.
“I Love Lucy” is a very popular American
television show. The very first broadcast of this
show was Monday, October 15, 1951 on CBS. It
was a comedy and was about marital life.
In the last chorus, the words “The greatest is
love” are repeated multiple times. This is an
example of anaphora. Anaphora is the repeat of
a word or phrase.
In this song, “Did you feel guilty cause you’re
a survivor” is the main theme in my opinion. In
the second verse, Alan Jackson talks about how
people would appreciate the simple things like
calling their mothers and just being alive. Some
people felt very bad for the innocent people
that died and they felt guilt because they just
The reference to Jesus in this poem is an
allusion. An allusion is a reference to another
piece of literature. In this case, the reference of
“Jesus” comes from the Bible. Jesus is known as
the savior in the Christian religion.
“I'm not a real political man
I watch CNN but I'm not sure I can tell you
The difference in Iraq and Iran”
These lines are an example of a rhyme. The
rhyme pattern is A-B-A. There are many
rhymes similar to this one in this song.
The Bible is the holy scripture for the
Christian religion. It is divided into two
testaments. They are called the Old Testament
and the New Testament. The Bible speaks
about the savior of the Christians, Jesus.
Red, white, and blue are the colors that
represent the United States. These colors
appear on the United States’ flag. In this song,
“red, white, and blue” is used as a symbol of