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Mongol Conquest
Name:_____________________ Pd___
Answer the questions about the spread of Mongol rule. (424-426)
1. From early in their history, the Mongols were known for two things:
2. Genghis Khan became emperor of Mongolia in the year ___________. Genghis Khan brought in a new _____________________ and
created a group of _____________________ to help plan his military campaigns. He gathered an army of more than _________________
warriors. Warriors were trained by commanding officers that were chosen because of their ability, not their family ties. These changes
made the Mongol warriors _______________________________________ in the world at the time.
3. Genghis Khan and his warriors were known for their _________________ and use of ______________.
4. Following the death of Genghis Khan, the Mongol Empire was divided among his __________________. Under their leadership, the empire
continued to expand.
Complete the following timeline showing Mongol conquest. (426,428)
1211 – Mongols
1258 – Mongols capture the Muslim city of
1271 – Kublai Khan
invaded _________
_____________. They then push through ____________
decides to become
and ______________ to __________.
Emperor of ___________.
1227 – Genghis Khan dies. The Empire was divided
among his 4 sons. They expand the Mongol Empire
into parts of __________ __ and ___________
_____________. They also conquered much of
1260 – ___________
1281 – Mongols conquer
________ becomes
________________ ___________.
Emperor of Mongol
Mongol Rule
Name:___________________ Pd ____
Read the section on Mongol Rule in
China (pg. 428-429) and fill in the
Under Mongol
rule, China
reached the
height of
Mongols were
(religion). They
were tolerant of
Muslims, Christians,
and Hindus.
Trade and
Named Mongol
Emperor in
(what year?)
Led Mongol
of Southern China
Mongols had own
and __________.
Kept separate
from Chinese.
Kublai Khan
Let many Chinese
keep their jobs
Names himself
Emperor of China.
Starts the ________
Dynasty, which lasts
100 years, with
Kublai ruling for 30
Gave Mongol
leaders top jobs in
The Mongols
ruled a large
empire that
stretched from
___________ to
As a result trade
other areas.
Goods from
Europe/Asia –
Goods from
China –