Open House - Northwest Elementary

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Transcript Open House - Northwest Elementary

Mrs. Vaglia’s
First Grade
Welcome to First Grade!
Vision Statement
To become the nation’s
leader in developing
successful students.
Mission Statement
To provide an
education that enables
each student to excel
as a successful and
Our Class Mission and
Vision Statement
Mission Statement
To provide a school home where students learn, take
chances, make mistakes and explore possibilities
knowing they’ll be heard, accepted and encouraged.
Vision Statement
To become an active learner with a “can do” attitude
and face each new challenge confidently and with an
open mind.
All About Me
 This is my 15th year teaching, my 9th year
at Northwest.
 I am National Board Certified.
 This is my 4th year as a district trainer.
 I am certified in both Elementary and
Special Education and ELL Endorsed.
 I am currently working on my masters at
 For more information refer to my website*.
My Family
 I’ve been married 28 years.
 My husband, Jim, is a retired
Army Officer after 25 years of
 I have 3 children; Kaitlyn, 25,
is married a military man,
and is stationed in Hawaii!
 Megan, 23, just graduated
USF, and James Brice, 21,
works at Publix and does
lawn care.
 We have a 13 year old
cockapoo, named Sable!
My Philosophy
 I believe children learn best through
hands on, cooperative learning. I teach
to multiple learning styles* and create
foster a risk-free environment that
encourages a child’s best efforts while
allowing for mistakes and on-going
I use the following programs in class
to teach independence, build
responsibility, and keep your
children safe so they can learn.
Daily Schedule
 Reading/Writing Workshop
 Math
 Lunch
 Teacher PE */ Social Studies
 Science
 Special
 Science
 Response To Intervention (RTI)
 Clean-up/Dismissal
Special’s Schedule
 Our specials are from 10:10 –
10:35 on Monday.
 Our specials are from 11:25 –
11:50 Tuesday - Friday.
• Lunch is ~ 11:05 – 11:35.
Common Core Standards*
 The standards are the curriculum that guide our
 Florida has modified the Common Core Standards to
best fit our needs in Florida and are now called LAFS for
Language Arts Florida Standards and MAFS for Math
Florida Standards.
 There have been a few changes.*
 It is rigorous and builds on skills foundational skills.
FAIR - Florida Assessments
for Instruction in Reading
A new version will be administered this year.
Assessment is given 3 times during the year.
FAIR focuses on assessment for learning.
It provides individual student information.
FAIR is assessed individually.
It identifies specific strengths/weaknesses.
Results will be shared at conference time.
 “Parent involvement is essential to
children’s education. The greatest
gains are made when educators work
with parents as partners” – The
Responsive Classroom Approach
(Wood 1999, 293). For this reason I
 A bi-monthly newsletter
 Weekly communication in your
child’s journal
 Personal notes – as needed
 Website * - updated weekly
 Email ~ this is the BEST way to
contact me.
Mrs. Vaglia’s Website
 Utilize my website throughout the year
for up-to-date information on
assignments, events, and resources.
 Reading is a priority EVERY
night for 15 minutes to 30
minutes depending on how
strong a reader your child is.*
 Various projects will be assigned
this year focusing on target
lessons related to reading or
 You’re child’s daily reading will
be considered homework
participation and is marked on
the report card.
I’ve already provided some
supplies for your child this year
so we’ll be ready to start on the
first day! There are a few
items still needed.
See the attached class supply
list for other items needed.
Also check out our “giving” tree
for classroom needs.
Parent Involvement
I have an open door policy and
welcome and encourage you to
spend time in our classroom
volunteering and helping with
special programs upon completion
and approval of our SERVE form.
Many important
forms need to be
filled out tonight.
Please fill out the
papers with a color
dot and return them
before you leave.
New School Procedures
There have been
some changes to
the way we will be
doing things around
Northwest this
year. Please be
sure you read over
the changes such
Special Programs
This year your child will participate in the following
special programs:
 Pumpkin Exploration (Oct.)
 Great American Teach-In (Nov.)
 Thanksgiving Feast (Nov.)
 Play (Jan.)
 Mother’s Day Tea (May)
 Memorial Day Celebration (May)
 On-going maintenance in our vegetable garden and
outside classroom.
Thank you for coming…’s going to be a GREAT year!