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New State Standards: 2014-2015 School Year
• From the Next Generation State Standards to
Florida Standards (Common Core)
• From the F.C.A.T. to Florida Standard
• Teachers have been gradually introducing
the Florida Standards (Common Core) for the
past 3 years.
The Florida Standards
Why Are We Changing?
• Emphasize success for future college readiness
• Provide more rigorous content and application of
• Place emphasis on critical and analytical thinking
• Establish clear, consistent guidelines for instruction
throughout the state.
• Students must be better prepared to compete in the global
job market with a skill set and knowledge base that is
changing as new technologies and careers evolve. These
standards will drive this change.
The Florida Standards
What Subjects Are Included?
• The new Florida Standards will address;
MAFS - Mathematics
LAFS- English Language Arts
• Other subject areas (Science, Social Sciences) will
continue under the Next Generation Sunshine State
• The Standards will define what students should know
and be able to do at each grade level – kindergarten
through grade 12
What Do They Mean For
Teaching and Learning?
• Building knowledge through contentrich non-fiction text
• Use of literary and informational text
as a basis for reading, writing, and
• Regular practice with complex text &
academic language
• Reading, writing, listening and
speaking grounded in evidence from
• Real-world applications
• Deeper understanding of
mathematical concepts
• Builds habits of mind of
productive mathematical
• Real-world applications
• Modeling with pictures
technology, graphs,
The Florida Standards
What About the New Assessments?
• MAFS and LAFS will be assessed with the new
Florida Standards Assessments (FSA)
• Test will be March 23–April 10, 2015
• Elementary school assessments will include:
– English Language Arts (ELA): grades 3- 5
– Mathematics: grades 3- 5
FSA Testing Dates and Information
3rd grade
English Language Arts
• Paper Based
• March 23 to April 10
• 2 sessions- 80 minutes each
• Paper Based
• March 23 to April 10
• 2 sessions- 80 minutes each
Third Grade Requirements
• Students will be timed when completing the
• The assessment will include both multiple choice
and open ended questions.
• Students will be required to write and give
evidence when answering open ended
• They will be encouraged to summarize or
paraphrase the reading material provided.
Third Grade Requirements
If a student’s reading deficiency is not remedied by the end of third grade, as
demonstrated by scoring at level 2 on the FSA in reading for grade 3 the student
must be retained.
Good Cause Exemptions
Portfolio• Administered during the 2nd semester
• All 3rd grade students will complete portfolio
• Administered in a span of several weeks. Students will complete one passage
each week.
• Is the 2nd opportunity for a student to be promoted to grade 4
• Student must demonstrate mastery of each benchmark
ASRA• Administered the last 2 weeks of school
• Participants
– Students scoring a level 1
– Students without a passing reading portfolio
• Represents the 3rd opportunity within the school year prior to retention
3rd grade Reading Sample
How are we Preparing ?
Our reading series correlates with the standards in
which the students will be assessed on.
• Our weekly assessments expose the students to the
types of questions they will see on the FSA:
– Multiple choice
– Open ended questions.
• Two Interims are administered throughout the year
that are aligned with the Common Core Standards.
• These interims will be administered in the Fall and
The Florida Standards
How May I Help My Child?
• Read different types of books and informational text with
your child
• Ask your child to find answers to questions in the text of
books, newspaper articles, manuals, etc.
• Encourage your child to form and defend an opinion by
supporting it with facts, details and reasons from text
• Discuss mathematics ideas with your child have them
explain these to you using pictures, graphs, etc.
• Visit the Florida Standards Assessment online portal at: to become familiar with the new