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The District uses the ESchool Plus
management system to manage attendance
records throughout the District.
Mr. Peter Velocci, Data Systems Manager is
responsible for providing attendance reports
to each school in the District.
The District has a Policy and regulations that
coincide with state regulations concerning
Teachers are responsible for inputting the
daily attendance of each student in their
class. At the high school level, each teacher
takes attendance period by period which is
reflected in the student’s attendance profile.
Each school has one person responsible for
overseeing the collection of excused note
cards that students must provide within 3
school days from the day they were absent.
Absences without an excused note will be
recorded as unexcused.
Mr. Peter Velocci is responsible for providing
each school principal, guidance counselor,
attendance secretary and Director of Pupil
Services with a weekly emailed list of students
with unexcused absences. We look for
students who have accumulated 3 or more
unexcused absences which triggers the
appropriate “First Notice” letter to the
parents. (Sent by School Secretary)
Once a student accumulates 6 or more
unexcused absences a second letter is sent to
the parent and student, and a request is
made to attend a “Truancy Elimination Plan”
meeting. At this meeting the guidance
counselor will work with the family to create a
contract for the student to improve his
attendance record and goals are set.
Once a student goes beyond 6 unexcused
absence, the District can opt to submit a
non-traffic citation to the Montgomery
County Court of Common Pleas. The Court
will then conduct a hearing with the student,
parent, and school administrator.
The School District also has the option of
contacting the Office of Children and Youth
Truancy Unit if a student has been truant for
at least 10-15 days with information OCY will
determine if the referral is appropriate to be
set up for formal family assessment.
The School District also works with the
Mainstay Program through The Lakeside
Educational Network . The Mainstay Program
offers many programs to help students
transition back to the regular school
The School District also takes into
consideration whether a student with
excessive absence should be considered as a
child find issue and therefore needs to be
The District will discuss within their Child
Study team whether the reasons for nonattendance can be linked to emotional issues.
The most important aspect of this process is
the ability of Peter Velocci to provide each
school with accurate attendance information
that keeps staff updated as to the status of
their students.
All principals and guidance counselors are
aware of the attendance status of each
student on a weekly basis.