HR Policies of Pearl Continental

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Transcript HR Policies of Pearl Continental

Wafa Abbas
Adeel Akbar
Naima Naz
Rabia javaid
Muhammad Usman
Taken by Hashwani Group in 1985
Name changed from Intercontinental to Pearl
Running under holding company Pakistan
Service Ltd(PSL 1958)
We are committed to dynamic growth and service
excellence built upon our heritage of traditional
hospitality. We strive to consistently meet and surpass
guests, employees and others stakeholders
expectations. We feel pride in making efforts to
position Pakistan in the forefront of the international
Customer service:
Growth profile:
Traditional hospitality.
 Budget.
 Recruitment.
 Orientation.
 Training.
 Career planning,
 employee relation.
 . Review benefits/compensation etc.
Recruit new personnel whenever it receives Vacancy
Notices from any of the department.
Imparts induction and on-going training to the employees.
Union contracts.
Human Resource
Asst Personnel
Staff Oriented
Time Office
Job analysis explains the core area and
capabilities required to perform a specific job
Daily Dairy
Under job analysis followings heads are comes:
Job Description
Job Specification
Job Evaluation
Job descriptions are lists of the general tasks, or
functions, and responsibilities of a position.
Skills and Efforts.
Outlines of the Duty.
Whom to Report the Task
Everything is mentioned in it for the employees
in a very detailed manner.
Job specification mean what is the requirement
of the organization
 Qualification of employee
 Experience of employee
 Personal attributes required for the job
 Interpersonal skills and communication skills.
Job evaluation refers to studying in detail
the job performance by all individual
Complexity of the job
Experience Required for the Job
Company Need for the Employee for that Job.
Abilities required performing a Job.
Creating a pool of well qualified and talented
candidates and choosing the best candidate
from that pool.”
Need for a job
In case a dept feels to fill a vacancy, HOD of a
particular dept sends a requisite form to the
Personnel Manager. In this form head of the
department specifies whether the position is for a
new employee, replacement, qualifications
required and their respective justifications. This
requisition form is sent to Personnel Manager
and General Manager respectively for their
.Reason for new vacancies
Internal referrals
 External referrals
 Words of mouth
Employment agency contacts
Mostly walk-in interviews are a part of
selection method being followed by the HR
 PC Rawalpindi has also tried consulting
Central Bargain Agents for hiring employees
but it failed to come up their standards.
 Eligibility of candidates
 CV‘S are consulted at the time of need
 Interviews(walk in interview).
Working of selection board
 Role of HR Department:
 Role of Staff officer
 Role of Human Resource Manager
 Role of concerned dept
 Role of General Manager.
General Manager.
Human Resource Manager.
Asst Personnel Manager.
Head of Vacant post dept.
Following are the tests taken by HR Manager
Personality tests.
Psychological tests.
Aptitude tests.
Mannerism checks
Learning capabilities.
Tests are taken in an informal way.
Background Checks:
A letter of confirmation and opinion is sent by
HR Dept to the previous organization to check
the experience and reliability of the candidate.
personal misunderstandings are not
 Medical Test.
A booklet of rules and regulations is issued to
each newly selected employee to introduce the
basic rules of the Hotel.
An employee also spends some time with each
department to have an overview of the Hotel’s
complete way of working.
 Training department:
 This Dept is closely assisted by HR Development (HRD) i.e.
under taken by Training Manager along with an Assistant.
This training is organized within the Hotel.
 Through dedicated and trained staff..
 The new enrolled staff is employed and observed for 3-9
months of probation period.
 Detailed orientation of all the departments is given
 On the job training is conducted
Employees who have the potential to rise
further are chosen and trained for the next
 To improve the skills of employees, frequent
seminars, lectures and departmental briefings
are conducted.
Performance appraisal is being done on monthly
basis in PC Hotel and record is also maintained
.The main purpose is to create competitive
environment in the Hotel.
To provide feed back to employees, employee of
the month is selected.
Same in the case of supervisor.
Compensation basically is the program that
encourage reward performance.
Pay System.
Ability to pay and skill of an employee are also
kept in view while devising various pay scales.
Pay structure is design to control, the effect of
inflation, pay compression and pay raises.
Following are the rewards that are given to
 Honesty awards
Employee of the month.
Supervisor of the month.
Promotion to the next rank.
Cash awards.
Free meals during working hours and free
laundry for the uniform.
Free medical
Recreation allowance.
Birthday cake for employees.
Inter and intra departmental relations are
developed through frequent interactions.
Special meetings are held in case of any
Internal problems of employees are solved
through mutual understanding and cooperation
 The importance of Human Resource Management in an
organization cannot be denied.
 In case of a Hotel industry it gains more importance
where a large number of diverse workforces have to be
handled by the management.
 We have concluded that in PC Rawalpindi HRM is
running in a very organized and systematic manner.
 Because of their dedication and commitment to their
Human Resource Manager
HR Department
Attique –ur- Rehman
Human Resource Coordinator
HR Department
Contact Number:
051-556601 (Ext. 5870,5692)