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Brief Introduction of the Organization Business Volume

Out Standing Shares: 782,100,831 Shares Closely Held: 707,210,906


Lucky Cement Askari Bank Engro chemical Pakistan Limited MCB Bank Limited Meezan Bank Limited Nishat Chunian power Limited Nishat Power Limited Packages Limited Redco Textile Mills Limited ICI Pakistan limited

Rupees ‘000

274,621 57,920 661,336 274,621 70,792 309,000 371,382 371,382 29,862 70,792

Competitors of ABL

        

Habib Bank Limited United Bank Limited Muslim Commercial Bank Limited Habib Metropolitan Bank Standard Charted bank Bank Al Habib Bank Al Falah Soneri Bank Faysal Bank


Organizational Hierarchy

Chairman CEO SEVP SVP AVP OG-2 Supporting Officer OG-3

Training Program

Tasks assigned to me in different departments.

Customer services

– Guidance of the customers  To facilitate the customers  To retain the customers  Keep good and long lasting relationship with customers My task was to facilitate customers and provided above mentions services as customer services officer on the behalf of staff .

In Clearing Dept

–         Clearing stamp Discharge stamp Crossing stamp Signatures of drawer Bank branch name Amount in words and figure Date mentioned on clearing stamp

Supervision Posting

In HR Dept

In Account Opening Dept

–  maintain the leave record of bank employee  Provided the information of these record to the head branch  describe complete information regarding account opening and requirements and documentation for open new account to the customer

Salary Dept

Structure of HRM Department

Human Resource Dept Recruitme nt dept Personal Benefit Dept Staff Loan Dept Medical Dept Leave record Dept

HRM Process in the Organization

Employees recruitment & selection

Sources of Candidates

Internal Sources

External Sources Selection Process

     

Bank Advertise vacancy Received applications Conduct exam and written test of recruit candidates Interview of passing candidates Bank issue Offer letter to successful candidates When candidate accept offer letter then bank issue appointment letter.

Training & development

Existing Training Program

 

In house Training for Employee Development Ex-House Training For Employee Development Employee Development

A separate department MTDC (Management training development center) give training, refresher of employees for their development which consist on different duration like 1 day,1 week etc

Performance management

Setting Performance Standard & Expectation

 

Setting Standards Establishing objectives/goals

 

Dimensions Each goal will clearly show a positive financial impact in order to ensure that the Bank is able to determine the impact of each job.

Performance Appraisal Performance reports are written on annual basis. Called ACR (Annual Confidential Report )

Employee Compensation & Benefits

Type of Compensation & Benefits 1.

      

In -Service Benefits Education allowance/expenses to clerical and non-clerical staff.

Yearly profit bonuses Loan facilities on soft terms.

Marriage Grants.

Medical facilities to self and family.

Executives, perquisites that include company cars with petrol ceilings, drivers/servants, salary, reimbursement of utility bills etc.

Insurance coverage against accidental permanent or partial disability

2. Retirement Benefits

     Medical facilities to self and family as per staff service rules.

Income security in the shape of monthly income or as a lump sum payment Lump sum payment includes amount of commutation/gratuity and leave encashment Monthly income are paid in the shape of pension/benevolent grant as per rules.

Special group insurance coverage to employees other than retired on medical grounds, for 5 years from the date of retirement or up to age of 65 years whichever is earlier

Organizational career management

Job Changes within the Organization 1. Promotion:

Promotion on Length of service Basis

Stenotypist /stenographer to OG-III 10 Years.

Clerical staff to OG-III 15 Years Non-clerical staff: a. to Assistants Cadre 2 Years, if Graduate


 To utilize the expertise of an experienced individual    Need for experience Administrative reasons To fill a vacant position


1. Termination

  

The prescribed period of notice shall be as follows: For employees in Category I & II Three Months For other employees One Month

2. Resignation

Category-I & II A staff member may resign at any time by giving three months notice

Category- III & IV Unless otherwise specified in the letter of appointment in general a staff member may resign at any time by giving a notice of one Month or substantive pay in lieu of period of notice.

Exit Interview 3. Retirement

Critical Analysis

In this modern era manual system is also apply for entries of voucher, clearing etc in some branches of Allied Bank Limited

There is lack of staff in branches. Shortage of staff and heavy work are two elements

Which decrease performance of employee.

Allied Bank Limited has own disciplinary rules but not followed by staff strictly.

Written polices for appointing new staff are not followed properly.

 

Unsophisticated training program Lack of advertisement through electronic media

Lack of refreshers

SWOT Analysis of the Organization


     



  

Paper Working Traditional approaches of training Lack of advertisement through electronic media




 Enter new markets  Extension of International network of the branches  Business Promotional facilities

In Future Offer Auto Loan Services:

ABL has also ignored the sector of Auto loan which is a very important Financing nowadays. Many people nowadays buy cars through car financing but ABL does not have this facility


  

Uncertain economic condition Political instability Slow product development process

 

FED And other GOVT charges COMPETITORS


In spite ABLhas great strength but weaknesses are heavy on strength because major sector is surrounded by weakness. Which is online system but latest technology is not used, while online system is essential for banking sector.

Others are

Traditional training

approaches are used till this time which going bank towards downfall.

The structure

is not fully according to the need of customers. 

Polices ’ld

be appropriate and equal for every one .


It is easy to recommend solution along with criticism. Because criticism is an element of human psyche. Following are the recommendations

Up-to-date online system

Focus on advertisement through electronic media

Appropriate requirement process

Focus on computerized working


Motivation of Staff:

Higher management of bank should adopt the different motivation techniques which according to the self-esteem need of employee Ways to motivate employee  Promotion  Reward System  Leave  Appreciation