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Confidential and Proprietary
DynCorp International
Alliance Texas Small
Business Procurement
Fair – June 29, 2010
This document contains confidential and proprietary information of DynCorp International (“DI”). No part of it may
be used, circulated, quoted, or reproduced for distribution outside of DI without the prior written approval of DI.
Confidential and Proprietary
We Serve Today for a Safe Tomorrow
Ready, Proven, Trusted
DynCorp International is a global government
services provider in support of U.S. national
security and foreign policy objectives.
We provide integrated service solutions
essential to national security, humanitarian
operations, peacekeeping, and international
stability and development.
For more than 60 years we have sustained
our reputation as a trusted partner to the U.S.
government and other customers by
successfully fulfilling the toughest assignments
across the globe.
1209/Corporate Overview
Page 2
Confidential and Proprietary
Global Integrated Solutions
Comprehensive integrated solutions
Our multi-faceted areas of specialty provide
a broad range of services that can quickly
integrate as needed to fulfill any program’s
1209/Corporate Overview
Aviation Support Solutions
Land Systems Support Solutions
Training and Mentoring Solutions
Logistics and Contingency Solutions
Operations and Maintenance Solutions
Security Solutions
Intelligence Training and Solutions
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Confidential and Proprietary
Commodities and Services
Aircraft Parts
Aircraft Services
Airport Services
Antenna Installation
Automobile Parts and Services
Bottled Water
Cargo Transfer
Construction Material
Electrical Services
Electrical Supplies
Engineering & Construction
Environmental Services
Freight Forwarding
Ground Support Equipment
Hazardous Waste
Helicopter Parts (Huey/Cobra)
1209/Corporate Overview
HVAC Supplies
Industrial Supplies
Janitorial Supplies/Janitorial
Landscape Services
Lease Services
Lighting & Systems
Line/Local Haul
Linen Services
Medical Supplies/Services
Morale, Welfare & Recreation
Mortuary Affairs
Motor Pool
Personal Hygiene Supplies
Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants
Photography Supplies/Cameras
Plumbing Supplies
Pneumatic/Hydraulic Parts
Police Gear
Port/Ocean Terminal Ops
Postal Operations Repair &
Refrigeration Equipment
Security Equipment /Security
Security Fencing
Shop Equipment
Shop Rags/Shop Hardware
Specialty Vehicles
Telephone Cable Repair
Temporary Housing
Uniforms/Uniform Service
Water Treatment
Water Services
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Confidential and Proprietary
First Steps
DynCorp International Supplier Database
 Register your company – this is your capability statement
 Information is shared across the company and available on our intranet as a
resource for any DI program seeking suppliers – market research tool
 Contact SBLO when you have entered your profile for contact information
 Your information is forwarded to buyers, business development, and other DI sites
 Follow-up
 Bid on next opportunity
 Build relationships
Free Marketing Tool for Small Businesses
 Central Contractor Registration www.ccr.gov
 “Dynamic Small Business Search”
1209/Corporate Overview
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Confidential and Proprietary
Contact Information
Debbie Newberry
DynCorp International
Small Business Manager
13500 Heritage Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76177
817-224-1303, (fax) 817-224-8362
[email protected]
1209/Corporate Overview
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