What is a portal?

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Transcript What is a portal?

RI Statewide PCMH
Learning Collaborative
February 5, 2011
Andrea Arena MD
Chris Campanile MD
What is a portal?
 Secure log-in
 Allows patients to view their medical record
 Messaging between patient and practice
 Messaging between providers
Some Considerations…
 Does your EHR have message portal capability?
 What should the patient have access to view?
 Do you have control over this?
 Should you restrict patient enrollment?
 How do you enroll patients?
 How do you explain appropriate use to patients?
 Is a trial period/pilot appropriate?
Enrolling a Patient for Webview
Ability to turn off access
Password Protected Log-In
What can the patient view?
 Problem list
 Current meds list
 Test results
 Past medical history
 Vitals
 Messages from their provider
Administrator Control of Accessible
Chart Elements
Patient Name
Viewing Medications List
Patient Name
Viewing Lab Results
Patient Name
Viewing Imaging Results
Patient Name
Outgoing Messages
Message Templates
Patient Email Notifications
Patient Messaging
Patient Messaging
Incoming Patient Messages
Patient Name
Advantages for the provider
• Improved method of communication
– More focused communication
– Not time dependent
Decrease in phone volume
Elimination of support staff involvement
Information flows through patient chart
Allows for e-visits
Online access to patient records
PCMH expectation
Promotes patient involvement in their own care
Advantages for the Patient
 Access to their medical information
 Direct, easy access to their physician
 Encouragement to become more involved in their care
Examples of portal use
 Notifying patients of test results
 Out of office follow-up for sick patients
 Patient reporting of self-monitoring results
 Follow-up on goal setting
 Addresses inappropriate patient requests
 Abx, costly imaging
 Medication adherence
Potential pitfalls
 Patients could see a test result before you do
 Over-utilization by patients
 System can go down
 Develop provider-to-provider connection
 Ability to attach pt. ed. material
 Blast emails applicable to all patients
 Alerts re: clinical measures that are due for a given
The Truth About A Patient Portal
 It is not something to fear
 Patients do not abuse this enhanced access to their Dr.
 It creates efficiencies
 It allows for greater quality and patient safety
 It empowers patients and promotes greater
involvement in their own care