Advanced Document Solutions for QAD

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Transcript Advanced Document Solutions for QAD

Advanced Forms Automation for QAD
Doug Greenup, VP of Sales
Mark Harrington, eFORMz Product Management
Date 10.10.2011
• eFORMz Product Overview
• eFORMz QAD Customer Case Study
- Inergy
- Allen Organs
• Additional Information –Q&A
eFORMz Product Overview
eFORMz converts standard QAD print output into attractive,
functional and efficient form documents.
Original Print Output
QAD Server
Transformed with eFORMz
eFORMz Product Overview
Forms Automation
• Print Output
• Database Extractions
Laser Printer
Send as FAX
Print Output
Send as eMail
eFORMz can produce forms that can
be distributed via print, fax, email, or
stored in a digital archive.
File Archive
Advanced Forms Automation
Solutions for QAD
Written in JAVA supports all QAD versions – HP/UX, AIX, Linux or
Produce forms directly from standard QAD output or directly from
corporate databases, including Progress, Oracle and SQL.
Extensive library of pre-designed QAD forms for faster implementations.
No complex programming or need to learn a proprietary design tool to
create a form. Easy forms design with publishing tools like Microsoft
Word, Adobe, Open Office or MS Publisher.
Advanced Forms Automation
Solutions for QAD
Create “intelligent” forms with built in conditional logic.
eFORMz Print Director for advanced print management.
Selective printing and print scheduling.
Text to XML Pre-processor – converts QAD output to XML file
Fax or eMAIL in PDF or HTML file formats directly from QAD.
Advanced Forms Automation
Solutions for QAD
Digital File Cabinet - Archiving, Retrieval, Indexing
Create revisable PDF’s for “Forms Fill-In”
Multi-Byte Character Support (Asian, Eastern European, Arabic)
Support for 1D, 2D, QR barcodes, MICR for checks, secure signatures
for AP and payroll checks.
•Automobile Parts Manufacturer/Supplier
•Troy, Michigan
• IT Manager – Mark Sirowatka
• Computer Platform – HP9000-HP/UX
• Create “Delivery Confirmation & Shipper Information” forms that
met customers unique “look and feel” requirements.
• Generated forms had to have PDF417 2D barcode.
• Go paperless by converting forms to PDF format.
Inergy QAD Output
The original spool file output by QAD
containing both DCR and Shipper
Use eFORMz Text to XML Converter to
parse a file converting it to XML input
Inergy Kia Motors Delivery
The Delivery Confirmation
Report created by eFORMz
with the first project.
Inergy Kia Motors
Shipping Report
The Shipper report
created with the second
eFORMz project.
eFORMz Demonstration
•Largest Manufacturer of Church Organs
•Macungie, Pennsylvania
•IT Manager – Debbie Cromwell
•Computer Platform – Windows
• Produce Invoices & Purchase Orders
• Automatically route forms to appropriate people
eFORMz Demonstration
Allen Organs produce over 35 forms including; Purchase Orders, Sales
Orders, Invoices, Quotes, Packing Lists, Statements, Work Orders, and
Shipments. What makes this an intriguing eFORMz user is not the volume
of forms they are producing but what they are doing with these forms –
the backend processing. With eDirect and the use of the Conditional
Language they are able to route the reports to who needs them based
on conditions either by printing directly to their printer or emailing as a
.pdf attachment.
Product Specifications
•Java 1.5 or higher (Java 1.6 installed with software)
•Supports Progress, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2 databases
•Windows, Linux, AIX, HP/UX, OS400 operating systems
•Minimal hardware requirements (2GB RAM, 100 MB Disk)
•Supported printers – PCL5, XML, AFPDS
A Few of Our Customers
Minisoft Contact Information
Minisoft USA
Minisoft International
• 1024 First Street
Snohomish, WA 98290
• [email protected]
(800) 682-0200
Fax (360) 568-2923
• Papiermuhleweg 1
Postfach 107 CH-6048
Horw, Switzerland
• [email protected]
Thank You!
Pricing & Licensing
•eFORMz Software License - $6,000 to $20,000
•eFORMz Support & Update Service – 20% of License
•Forms design $1,200/form or $120/hour customized
•Licensing is based on number of printers