Assessing Market Opportunities for Local Foods

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Transcript Assessing Market Opportunities for Local Foods

Growing Healthy Communities and Economies Through Northeast Kansas Specialty Crops


Increase sales of and marketing channels for local produce; Heighten food buyer awareness of farmers and available products.

• Atchison • Blue Rapids • Hiawatha • Marysville

Crome’s Market, Marysville

Gator’s Hometown Foods, Blue Rapids

Hiawatha Thriftway, Hiawatha

Evaluating the Local Food System of Manhattan KS and Identifying Market Opportunities for Producers with Retail Grocers, Schools, and Hospitals


Angela Anegon, Graduate Student

Urban Food Systems Specialization KSU, Dept. of Horticulture, Forestry, and Recreation Resources Email: [email protected] Phone: (208)-305-5067

Candice Shoemaker Ph.D., Faculty Advisor

Professor, Horticulture and Human Health Director, Graduate Studies in Horticultural Therapy and Urban Food Systems KSU, Dept. of Horticulture, Forestry, and Recreation Resources Email: [email protected] Phone: (785)-532-1431

21.4% 2.4% 76%

Gross Sales in 2012

(n = 92) Small: less than $49,000 Medium: $50,000-$500,000 Large: more than $500,000

58 out of the 92 respondents chose to answer question regarding their marketing outlets.

Marketing Outlets Used

50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 44 27 22 20 Farmers Markets Grocery Stores Farm/Roadside Stand Online Sales

Six Produce Managers: • Ray’s Apple Market (2) • East/West Side Market • People’s Grocery • Hy-Vee • Dillon’s Headquarters • Most use KC-based distributor • All but Dillon’s have purchased directly from farmer

Greatest concern:

Food Safety

Needs: • Uniform quality & ripeness • Clean & well-packaged • Appropriate quantities • Good communication & trust with producer Not interested in wholesaler/middleman for local purchases.

Reason? Likely increase in price.

Five Food Service Managers: • Three School Districts • University Dining • Hospital • Most use national/KC distributor • Most schools use bid system • Hospital must use Sodexho approved vendors • Only University has purchased directly from farmer

Greatest concern:


Needs: • Appropriate volume & consistent supply • Minimal processing • Delivery on specific days • Good communication & trust with producer

Scaling-Up: Perspectives from Growers and Buyers on Barriers and Benefits to Wholesale Marketing of Local Fruits and Vegetables

(Oct. 2012) The report summarizes interviews with 15 Iowa growers and 12 wholesale buyers with experience in the local produce wholesale market rticle_12oct26.pdf

Connecting the Dots of the Local Food Wholesale Market in Kansas

• Generate sales of local foods by developing and disseminating crucial information; • Build capacity and help meet the demand for local produce by providing technical assistance to farmers and buyers; • Foster new relationships between farmers and food businesses while enhancing their communication with one another; • Document current barriers to the local food wholesale market and suggest improvements.


Case Study: Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative


Starting an Online Food Cooperative