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Career Opportunities in Statistics

John Borkowski Montana State University Panel Discussion Pattaya Conference on Statistics Pattaya, Thailand

 The world is becoming more and more quantitative and data dependent.  Many professions depend on numerical measurements to make decisions in the face of uncertainty.  Statisticians use statistical knowledge and quantitative and communication skills to work on many challenging problems.

My Professional Activities

 In Industry (Dupont Co.) • Statistical Intern • Statistical Specialist  In Academia (Montana State University) • • Professor of Statistics Director of Statistical Consulting Center • Collaborative Research with Scientists  At a Research Laboratory (Battelle) • Visiting Faculty Fellow

In the United States, these problems include:

 Evaluating the environmental impact of air, water, and soil pollutants (at a research laboratory, an environmental company, or the Environmental Protection Agency)  Designing and analyzing studies to determine if new drugs and medical devices are safe and effective (at a pharmaceutical company, medical research center, or the Food and Drug Administration)

 Analyzing consumer demand for products and services (at a consumer marketing firm, corporation, or consulting firm)  Designing studies and analyzing data from agricultural experiments to increase yield and productivity (at a university or corporation )  Estimating the unemployment rate, economic statistics, or population demographics (for a government agency)

 Designing experiments and monitoring the quality of manufactured products and industrial processes (at manufacturing sites, at a laboratory)  Helping scientists collect and analyze data to create information and develop new statistical methodology (at a university, for a government agency, at a corporation, at a laboratory)

Common Job Activities

 Analyze data to solve problems  Apply mathematical and statistical knowledge to solve problems  Work individually and as part of a team

Common Job Activities

 Travel to consult with clients  Attend conferences, seminars, and continuing education activities  Advance statistical knowledge through education and research

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What fields hire statisticians?

Agriculture Biology Chemistry Computer Science Demography Ecology Economics and Finance Education Engineering Epidemiology Genetics Insurance • • • • • • • • • • • Law Manufacturing Marketing Medicine Pharmaceuticals Political Science Psychology Public Health Safety Telecommunications Transportation

Recommendations to Thai Students

 Take as many statistics and mathematics courses as possible  Develop statistical computing, database and word processing skills  Get consulting experience whenever possible

Recommendations to Thai Students

 Develop written and verbal communication skills  Take advantage of internships  Have a background in a second field of study

Recommendations to Professional Statisticians  Develop collaborations between the universities, businesses and government 1) Help create internships 2) Form a consulting laboratory  Develop international collaborations

Opportunities within Thailand:

Some Questions to Ask  What issues are most important to address as a society and as an economy?

 What statistical methods are currently being used to address these issues?

 What data is currently being collected?

Opportunities within Thailand:

Some Questions to Ask  What additional tools and improvements can be be used?

• More efficient sampling techniques • • More efficient experimental designs Better estimation procedures  Is the information being communicated?

Specific Opportunities within Thailand (and the United States) Possible applications of statistics: 1.

To improve traffic and transportation issues 2.

To study patterns of agricultural production 3.


To study patterns in tourism To study public health issues


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