The 5 W*s (and one H) of giving a good oral presentation

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Transcript The 5 W*s (and one H) of giving a good oral presentation

The 5 W’s (and one H) of giving a
good oral presentation
Emma Bartle
[email protected]
• What’s so different about oral communication?
– Listeners have only one chance to hear your message
• Two ways to communicate effectively:
– K.I.S.S (Keep it simple, stupid)
• Focus on getting 1-3 key points across
– Repeat key insights
• Tell them what you’re going to tell them (outline)
• Tell them
• Tell them what you told them (summary)
• Why are you giving this presentation?
• Two main goals:
– Leave your audience with a clear picture of
the project and your contribution
– Make them want to read your thesis
• Who is your audience?
• Think of your audience in layers:
– Experts in your sub-area
– Experts in the general area
– Others that know little or nothing in the area
• Avoid using too much jargon
• Where is the presentation being held?
• Things to consider:
– Is there a projector?
– Can the audience see the screen clearly?
– Is there a podium?
• When will these nerves disappear?
• Remember:
– A well organised and practiced talk will always
go well.
– Taking a deep breath will calm you down.
– Slow down!
– Pause before answering questions
− Eat a banana…
• How do you give a good oral presentation?
• Some tips to get started:
– Visualise your opening statement
– Monitor your habitual behaviour
– Converse with the audience
– Use good transitions between slides
– Have a prepared and memorable summary
– Make it obvious you have reached the end
• Whatever you do, don’t…
– just read to the audience. It’s not an essay.
– apologise for any aspect of your presentation
– point the laser at the audience
– point out things on the computer’s monitor
– turn your back on the audience
– just read to the audience
– be afraid to give yourself credit…but don’t
forget to give others credit where due