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Story Elements
Jonas – 11 years old at the beginning of the
Blue eyes – symbolic of being able to see things
differently than the rest of his society
New Receiver of Memory – becomes more
intelligent and does not accept the ways of the
Time – in the future
Isolated community
Utopia when first introduced – find it is a
dystopia as the story progresses and
information is revealed
Climate and land formations changed and
Family units – mother, father , boy and girl in each family – all
family members are assigned to one another
Controlled community – all meals delivered, people watching
what everyone is doing at all times
No freedom of choice
Jonas is apprehensive at the beginning of the novel when he will
receive his assignment – New Receiver of Memory
Release is mentioned throughout the story – young, old, or if
people have misbehaved – not sure what it is yet…
The story is told in the 3rd person subjective -EX. an
outside observer, but Jonas’ thoughts and emotions are
still described.
The opposition between two characters, two groups, a character
and the forces of nature, or a character’s internal struggle
Man vs. Himself
This is the main conflict!!
 Jonas’s struggle to do what he thinks is best vs. what he has learned while
growing up in this society
 Struggle with whether Jonas should leave and release all of the memories he
has received
Man vs. Society
Jonas does not understand the rules/restrictions that have been placed on the
people of the community – becomes aware of reality
 Jonas starts to rebel – lying, not taking meds, giving Gabriel memories
Man vs. Nature
Conflict when society tries to overcome the forces of
nature – sunlight, rain, snow, temperature
Society controls life and death (Release)
Jonas and Gabriel are faced with challenges when they
escape – rain, snow, temperature, hills
The climax of the story is where Jonas realizes
that “RELEASE” means death.
Jonas is particularly upset by the fact that his
father is one of the people doing the killing.
Euphemism – a mild term or phrase that is substituted for a more
offensive one
*The term “release” is used instead of “kill” – this is ironic
since everyone is supposed to be precise in their language.
*Those in the community have little value of life and do not see
this as wrong.
Jonas makes the decision to leave with Gabriel
since the baby was scheduled for release .
They face hardships as they escape – bitter
cold, hunger and hiding from the community’s
tracking planes.
Jonas sees a new community at the bottom of
the hill and hears music – hoping for a happy
future with Gabriel and others who can love
The Ending…..who knows????
These are things a character must deal with
before being able to resolve a conflict…
Jonas is chosen to be the Receiver of Memory, but his is unsure
that he will be able to do the job.
Jonas understands the horrors of war and is upset by the others
playing war games, and Jonas realizes that they don’t have the
depth of knowledge or feeling that he does.