Presenting the Future of Jonas 12.4

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Transcript Presenting the Future of Jonas 12.4

Presenting the Future of Jonas 12.4

Presenter: Orton Baker


    12.3 Results Development Methodology The Future 12.4 Considerations – Service – Job Cost – Accounting/Inventory – Payroll – Core Product Enhancements – Digio/E-Digio – Portals/Mobile – Jonas Application Interface – Advanced Reporting Tools

12.3 Results

 Most prolific year to date – Dispatch Scheduler – E-Mobile – E-Digio – Improved Counter Sales – Jonas Contacts – Project Management improvements

Development Methodology

  Why add a specific feature/change – Government Regulations – Advancing Technology – Advancing the Product – Your Ideas !!

– 200 Enhancements in 2012 Communications – Focus Groups – Product Launch Webinars – Internal Help – Quarterly “Development Edge” Newsletter

Development Methodology

Product Specifications • Client Feedback • Associations • Competition


• Beta Clients • Production

Focus Groups • Internal • Clients

The Future

Data Mart Business Intelligence Dispatch Scheduler Jonas Core Mobile E-Service E-Routing E-Timesheet Digio Document Management


    Dispatch Scheduler – Add more reporting/inquiries – Additional Filters and Security for views Prepare Billing, Quote and Projection screens – Redesign “look and feel” – Add additional details … use entire screen – Streamline processing Improve Tasking and Checklists Add NEW Contacts to Work Orders

Job Cost

  Project Management – Daily Logs/LEMS – Upload, View and Attach documents to Digio from job documents Construction Management – Add the ability to use labour premium rates for earnings codes E81 to E99 and non-taxable earnings codes such as N03-N09 (i.e. travel and accommodation costs) – Include ability to add labor entry in edit billings – Automatically bring in all occupations/trades – Improved integration with progress billing – Enhanced User Interface (Functionality/Performance)

Job Cost

 NEW Job Scheduler – Create and manage your project schedule from start to finish – Track job scheduling by Phase Code/Cost Code, Dates, Trades/Employees – Ability to have work orders and jobs on same scheduler – Can work in conjunction with existing scheduler or on its own (for Job Cost only clients)


    Inventory Search Improvements Trade Services Improved Integration A/P & A/R Aged Report Improvements Add A/P, Inventory Report Generators to Silent Partner   Jonas Contacts - Add to Suppliers & PO's Increase Accounts Payable Invoice length


     Large focus on ensuring all relevant functionality exists in both US and Canadian Payroll Add features to Check Designer to allow more flexibility Store tax year for each pay period when the pay is updated and have this show on each detail in the print payment history report When adding a new union - after you click OK the program will leave you on the last union code you setup (ease of setup of multiple unions) Add ability to enter amounts greater than 99,999 (for bonuses etc.) in Other Earnings & Deductions entry screen and New Combined Time Entry screen

Core Product Enhancements

      Design Your Own Form – Improved help – Additional Fields across modules Spell Check – Add to Work Order and other places as requested Improve Report Generator security across modules Add more items to User Event Log, Edit Logs Standardize how dates go through Smartviewer to excel to be ‘excel friendly’ across standard reports Intuitive user friendly menu Interface


 Add approval processes – Jonas Billing – E-Timesheets expenses  Tie Purchase Order and A/P Checks and Invoices as related documents automatically  Add ability to capture and store digital signature

Portals / Mobile

   Redesign E-Service – Modern “look and feel” – Improved Jonas Core Integration E-Mobile – Add DYOF for forms – Add ability to invoice and to accept payments – Tie into credit card processor E-Timesheet – Ability to submit expenses, tied to Digio approval process

Jonas Application Interface

 Jonas API to allow updating/retrieving of data from other products as required – GPS Providers – Adding Job, Job Details – Adding Work, Work Order Details – Add Clients, Suppliers – Retrieving Billing Information – Tie to CRM systems such as Salesforce

Advanced Reporting

    Additional Complex data added to Jonas Report Generators that can be exported to Excel Additional Pre-Built Power Pivot Dashboard Templates to work with DataMart Advanced Graphical KPI’s within


to use Business Intelligence Software Microstrategy and ability Focus Groups with Key Clients to define needed – Templates – Fields – Dashboards – Metrics and KPI’s